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3 Must-Have Promotional Gifts For Your Non-Profit

1 August, 2017
3 Must-Have Promotional Gifts For Your Non-Profit

Promotional merchandise is a marketing resource that every non-profit should have. Why?

Because nonprofits can easily use custom products to influence exposure in their target markets.

Every dollar counts for non-profit organizations, as every dollar is needed to help fulfill your organization’s mission. Promotional products allow for easy conversation of your mission with others as well as building your brand’s awareness.

81% of consumers keep a promotional product if it’s useful. 61% of consumers keep them out of enjoyment. But for the consumers that don’t keep the products, you’re still gaining leverage as 66% of these people give their promotional item away to someone else, which brings complimentary advertising to a new and larger audience.

The possibilities are endless.

Ultimately, “promotional products deliver the same or a better ROI than other forms of media”, so consider these options for your next fundraising event. They may be the boost your brand needs to meet its mission objective.

Single Color Silicone Bracelets

promotional products, silicone wristband

This product is simple, colorful, trendy, and most importantly – cheap. Some people accessorize themselves with items that express their values or beliefs. If your brand or organization resonates with a consumer, or they like the pretty color, they're likely to wear this chic little item and thus increase your brand awareness.

And did we mention it's cost efficient? You can mass produce this little guy and give one to each of your employees to boost motivation, or hand out these wristbands as a thank you to donors or event attendees. With various colors to choose from, this basic product is more versatile than you might think.

Aluminum Water Bottles

This is another stylish yet cost efficient promotional product for your organization. The look screams high-end quality with its metallic shine, but the price will make your budget happy. The water bottle does come in several colors to match your brand identity, or you can differentiate different colored water bottles for different recipients. Perhaps a red water bottle can be for employees who meet a certain object, or a blue water bottle can be for recipients who donate a certain amount of money.

Overall, the item is useful, high-quality, and bound to draw attention towards your brand. If you prefer a more eco friendly option, we have that as well in the Eco Safe Large Water Bottle.

Mini Auto Chargers

We understand that every penny counts. That's why each product we are suggesting meet three primary criteria: they are useful, they are cost efficient, and they are eye-catching. The usefulness of a mini auto charger goes without saying, especially considering how reliant people are on their smartphones; the cost efficiency is reflected in the link attached to the product name; and the various colors and options make this promotional product aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

And remember the statistic that states 66% of people give their promotional item away to someone else? Auto chargers are definitely a useful item for one consumer or their friends and family. You can't go wrong with it.

As you can see, all of these promotional products have their uses, but regardless of which one you choose, your brand awareness will flourish.

Want to ensure you're ordering the best products for your organization? Connect with us, our merchandise strategy experts are more than happy to help.

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