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Spark Up Your Events With Our Live Printing

12 September, 2018

As a Bay Area full-service tech swag provider, Social Imprints offers custom live printing experiences that will engage audiences for your party or event.  Our knowledgeable and professional team of screen printers will demonstrate all the basics of printing a shirt including burning screens, picking an under-base coating and combining inks.  Bring this exciting live printing experience to your next event and watch the magic unfold as your audience prints their own shirts with some simple instructions from our team. 

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5 Tried-and-True Swag Giveaways for Your Dreamforce 2018 Booth

28 August, 2018

With Dreamforce 2018 right around the corner, we’ve come up with a list of the best and most requested trade show giveaway ideas that will be sure to leave an impression long after the show is over. 

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Got Print Party?

20 August, 2018

Remember your first concert t-shirt?  Remember how you slept with it under your pillow…and how your older brother teased you about it (TMI?).  Well, we can’t recreate that magical childhood experience, but we can pull back the curtain on how it was printed. 

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  1. Co-Founder @kevinmccracken was interviewed for a new video to be shown at the Second Chance Summit thanks to @dkbfoundation @REDFworks

  2. We are growing! Please welcome our new finance and operations lead Daniel Cabrera

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  3. Happy Friday all! Check out this . How would you describe this color? 😊 

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