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Employee Profiles


Alexa Golden

Technology Team Lead | Social Imprints employee since 2012

“My name is Alexa Golden - I'm the Technology Team Lead here at Social Imprints. I work with many of you to build and maintain your webstores. I also project manage outside-the-box technology solutions for Social Imprints. I have worked at SI for 9 years. I came to SI after a period of unemployment - I had been in rehab battling drug and alcohol addiction. Once in recovery, it was difficult to land a job despite having a college degree because of the large gap in my resume. Through Social Imprints' social mission, I was hired and trained on the job. I have held many different positions at the company, starting in our original warehouse, then moving into purchasing, account management, and finally technology. My personal life has been enriched as well. My wife and I got married in 2019 and had a baby boy in August of 2020. Social Imprints allows me to support my family, work with people I enjoy, and continue to support the social mission that helped me so many years ago.”


Kevin McCracken

COO/Business Development | Social Imprints Co-Founder, 2008

“My name is Kevin McCracken - I am the Co-founder and Director of Business Development at Social Imprints. I am usually the first person you meet at SI. Much of my work centers around onboarding and ongoing client experience. We opened our doors in 2008 with a commitment to providing higher-paying professional jobs to at-risk adults in need of a second chance. Prior to SI, I worked at a local non-profit with a similar mission. At that time, I was an at risk adult in need of support and a career. Most of my late teen years and 20’s were spent in active addiction, in and out of institutions, homeless, and eventually I was looking at the potential of a long prison sentence. I was fortunate to be given a chance at a long term drug rehabilitation center and a job with purpose. Through the on the job training and real work experience I received at the non-profit, I was able to contribute in meaningful ways to my community, and was given the chance to help create this organization.”


Said Gardizi

Account Manager | Social Imprints employee since 2013

“My name is Said Gardizi, I am an Account Manager here at Social Imprints. As an Account Manager, I am the direct contact person for many of you when you are ready to order swag. I love meeting with you guys on a regular basis to help plan your special events and giveaways. I have been with SI for the past 8 years, I started as a Warehouse Associate and with training and support from the whole SI team I was promoted to Warehouse Team Lead within a year. The Warehouse Team Lead Position gave me an opportunity to learn even more about the promotional products industry. I never thought I would be in sales, however, SI saw the potential in me and gave me the opportunity to jump right in. With the correct training and tools from SI provided, it took little to no time before I was promoted to an Account Manager.   Working at SI has given me a chance to expand my career, and grow as a person. SI has a wonderful social mission which has helped many in need of a second chance, It is very rewarding to be part of this great team.”


Jesus Perez

Purchasing Team | Social Imprints employee since 2015

“My name is Jesus Perez. I work as a Purchaser here at Social Imprints. I work alongside our Sales Team to ensure your promotional products are delivered correctly and in a timely manner.   I have worked for Social Imprints for close to 6 years now and have held different positions within SI. I started in an entry-level position and have been promoted 3 times. Before I came here I was bouncing around low-paying dead-end jobs with long periods of unemployment between them. Life was very stressful back then, barely able to make ends meet, I was living check to check. Social Imprints gave me a chance and the tools to advance personally and in my career. I am also able to maintain a living wage, and help support my family. I plan to keep working hard and do my part to help in Social Imprint's Social Mission, help those like myself.”


Roman Juan Pablo

Warehouse Team | Social Imprints employee since 2019

“I've been with Social Imprints for a little over a year. Before Social Imprints I had gone through rehab to battle a drug and alcohol addiction. Once out of my program I was able to find work but it wasn't very good pay or many work hours. I was struggling to provide for myself. A friend of mine told me about his job at Social Imprints and of their Social Mission. I came in to check it out and was offered a temporary job. After 3 months I was offered full-time permanent employment and was promoted to where I am now. I couldn't be happier and I'm very thankful for the opportunity they gave me. I love whatI do and am happy to work with such a great team.”

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