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Oracle Netsuite

The NetSuite sales team approached us with a unique request – and a big question. “How can we reach potential clients, gain attention, and elicit a positive response with a simple click of a mouse?”


Our answer, “With bespoke, non-landfill, custom promotional items that will appeal to just about everyone. In plain language, custom-logo’ed baked goods!” 


Social Imprints worked with some of the nation’s leading bakeries to create a custom line of delicious baked goods packaged with the Oracle NetSuite logo.


We created a custom ordering portal (web store) that lets NetSuite sales representatives order the baked goods and ship them directly to prospective clients, complete with a personalized note. The easy-to-use portal notifies the NetSuite reps when the goods are delivered and supplies weekly and monthly reports of all shipping and delivery activity.


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