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Another Successful 38 Makers Live Printing Event at Pinterest HQ

As a Bay Area full-service tech swag vendor, Social Imprints offers custom live printing events that will engage audiences for your party or event. Our knowledgeable and professional team of screen printers will demonstrate all the basics of printing a shirt including burning screens, picking an under-base coating and combining inks. Bring this exciting live printing experience to your next event and watch the magic unfold as your audience prints their own shirts with some simple instructions from our team.

This year, SFMade teamed up with Social Imprints for another annual 38 Makers at Pinterest HQ. The sold out public event was filled with local makers, food, and entertainment. Social Imprints provided a live printing experience by letting guests print their own 38 Makers posters. Guests were thrilled to walk away with their own printed posters.

To find out more about how you can have your own live printing experience, go to Feel free to check out some amazing projects we’ve completed for some of the Silicon Valley elites such as Oracle, Dropbox, Pinterest, and many more!



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