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Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Screen Printing Party On-site at Facebook Menlo Park, CA

As the premiere Bay Area full-service merch provider, Social Imprints offers custom live printing experiences that will engage audiences for your party or event.  Our experienced screen printers will demonstrate all the basics of printing a shirt including burning screens, picking an under-base and the visually satisfying ink mixing process.  Bring this exciting live printing experience to your next event and watch the fun unfold as your audience prints their own shirts with some simple instructions from our team. 

Facebook employees eager to print shirts Menlo Park, CA

Last week, Social Imprints brought the live printing experience to Facebook’s Menlo Park campus.  With the press set up and ready-to-go, Facebook employees were eager to grab shirts and print their own designs.  They were thrilled to handle the squeegee for the first time and walk away with some fresh printed shirts.

Facebook employee pulling their own prints Menlo Park, CA

To find out more about how you can bring the live printing experience to your event, go to  Feel free to check out our body of work for some of the Silicon Valley elites such as eBay, Stripe, Dropbox, Pinterest and many more!

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