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Elevate Your Brand Image with Custom Swag Boxes on A Mission - You Can Help Make The World A Better Place

Custom Swag Boxes – Social Imprints

Your choice of branded merchandise makes a statement about your organization. The world will notice if you support companies that make a positive difference in the world, and if you treat your employees like gold. It is intelligent to utilize your purchasing power for good. At Social Imprints, we make it our mission to help you fund organizations that support causes like stopping human trafficking, recycling or repurposing, and supporting the environment. Furthermore, the best thing for your organization is to keep your employees healthy and happy with personalized gift boxes.

Gifting custom swag boxes is one way to make your brand shine by creating a ripple of positivity

Why choose custom swag boxes?

  1. Variety: Give your recipient several items that are beautifully packaged and branded

  2. Customizability: Everyone is different. Give them exactly what they want. 

  3. Support Their Cause: They will feel awesome knowing their gift is helping others.

  4. Efficiency: Your gift will surely be a home run and exceed expectations.

  5. Quality: All items in their personalized gift boxes will represent your brand properly.

  6. Convenience: Your recipient’s custom swag will be sent right to their door in a few clicks.

Some advantages of custom swag boxes are that you can support causes that are important for the world

Almost 700 million people around the world live in extreme poverty and try to survive on less than $2.15 per day, according to The World Bank.

According to The Global Slavery Index, 49.6 million people live in modern slavery today. 54% of those enslaved are women and girls. 1 in 4 are children. 27.6 million of those people are in forced labor, and 22 million are in forced marriage.

If you are among the fortunate few in a position of wealth, you absolutely have a responsibility to carefully utilize your resources to support those who were born into crisis. You can make a difference. Let Social Imprints help you do it with your custom swag.

Become familiar with products by MADE FREE® as a go to for personalized promotional products that will support a good cause. This U.S. social enterprise produces apparel and accessories that are exceptionally high quality. Purchasing their products helps create sustainable change by providing high quality jobs to those in need. The founders of MADE FREE® sought to develop a business model to help the millions of people suffering from human trafficking, slavery and extreme poverty.

Filling your custom swag boxes with MADE FREE® supports self-sustaining jobs, and keeps real people free from human trafficking, slavery, and extreme poverty. All products are made with sustainable materials by small teams that meet the World Fair Trade Organizations (WFTO) standards. Supporting this demonstrates the  importance of custom swag boxes.

This MADE FREE® Urban Pack Aw in Charcoal is durable, weather-resistant and made with 100% recycled polyester and the finest eco-friendly, vegetable tanned, biodegradable leather. This intelligently designed backpack will be multi-purpose and practical wherever your life may take you or your giftee. Yes you can help employ people with self-sustaining jobs and keep them out of slavery with your promotional giveaways!

In need of swag box ideas?

There are many reasons why your organization may be in indeed of personalized promotional products. If you aren’t convinced, have a look at the articles 10 Reasons Why Employees Need Gifts and Factors to Consider When Building an Online Company Store. Some common reasons are corporate giveaways, new hire welcome kits, promoting health and well-being, holiday gifts, etc. There are many advantages of custom swag boxes and promotional giveaways. Thriving companies are well aware of how necessary promotional products are in today's corporate world. Social Imprints can help craft your swag box ideas to help get the most bang for your buck.

This is how to make it personal and promote positive change with custom swag boxes

Personalized gift boxes will allow you to be sure that your gift is also supporting the environment and a person in need - while giving your employee or client what they really want.

This is how it works:

  1. Your recipient will be given a code that takes them to a redemption website.

  2. The website will allow them to pick from a range of gift options. We can help you decide on how many options are best for your needs.

  3. Then, they put in their address and the gift is shipped to their house.

It’s that easy to give custom swag

Inspire change for the better with these swag box ideas

Include this luxury RIPL vacuum sealed and insulated bottle that will keep beverages cold for 24 hours & hot for 12 in a personalized gift box. This little beauty is made with a recyclable stainless steel body. That meanest that this is a sustainable product that is especially high quality and doesn't have a gross metal aftertaste. What’s more is that this purchase provides 1 full day of employment for a Balinese local. Supporting this producer will help to lift a family in need out of poverty. Pairing this with custom printed swag boxes will demonstrate that your brand cares about being sustainable.

This RIPL Notebook will shock you with its quality and massive environmental contribution value. Money spent on this purchase will go towards the purchase and protection of 1000 square feet of rainforest in Brazil. Using this as promotional giveaways will make your prospective clients say “Wow, that’s pretty amazing”. But the giving doesn’t stop there. The beautiful cover is made with recycled plastic that was collected from the ocean. The interior is made with composed recycled paper as the cherry on top. Bring your productivity to the next level and feel great about every word you write!

This RIPL tote bag will keep your custom swag boxes green by purchasing and protecting 1,000 square feet of rainforest in Brazil. It is made from environmentally conscious organic cotton and also printed with natural dyes. This piece is entirely customizable, practical, sustainable, and great for travel or daily use.

Be sure to uplift your brand with sustainable gift box packaging design

After making selection decisions, it’s important to utilize appropriate gift box packaging design. First impressions need to be impressive, and the unboxing experience should be memorable. Opting for custom printed swag boxes will demonstrate that your brand goes the extra step to add a personal touch because you care about your receiver. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of custom swag boxes. 

For help with selecting personalized promotional products that will foster a positive impact on the world, reach out to and one of our product specialists will be in touch!



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