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Looking for Custom Branded Swag? This Women's History Month Tee Is Just What You Need

Women's History Month may be over, but our support of women is far from it.

We wanted to celebrate WHM this year with something that stood for all women, and all that they are. Given that we are a socially responsible swag printing company, there seemed to be a pretty easy way to do that -- by releasing something specifically designed for women in our Give 2021 A Shot collection.

The problem with most women's clothing, however, is that it isn't designed by women, or really with women's needs in mind. And we aren't just talking about the lack of pockets, either.

So, we had a "novel" idea. Let's not try telling women what they are or what they should be or how they should feel. Let's let women define themselves for once! Shocking, right?

Celebrate Women's History Month with this custom branded swag from San Francisco's Social Imprints.

Instead of us coming up with something that we thought that women might like to wear, we decided to go with something different. We wanted to try out some custom branded swag, and to give women a chance to decide for THEMSELVES what they wanted their t-shirts to say.

That's how we arrived at our 2021 Women's History Month Tee, available now in our online web store. Not only does it feature one of our most comfortable and popular cuts, but it also can be 100% customized and personalized to say "women are" whatever you want.

This limited edition, customizable shirt let's you express whatever it is that being a women means to you. All you have to do is head over to our web store, add your custom text right to the shirt, click order, and then it will be on its way right from our print shop here in San Francisco!

Whether you want this tee for yourself, decide to give is as a present for a friend, or you are a business looking for custom printing in San Francisco, we can easily take care of your order. Don't forget that we also do branded items and promotional products for businesses, so if you are looking for merchandise for an upcoming trade show -- or to give your employees as corporate gifts -- make sure to keep us in mind!

We're really excited to finally unveil this shirt, and we've already heard great ideas from a few of the social media influencers we are working with as to what they want to put on their version of the tee. We can't wait to see what everybody else is able to come up with: This shirt is really about bringing together and celebrating women, and we hope that it's able to capture and spread that sentiment throughout our community.

Of course, an important goal with this shirt was being inclusive and leaving it open ended for women of ALL kinds to be able to feel welcomed to join and partake in this celebration with our swag printing community. By leaving the initial design of the tee blank, people can easily makes shirts that are personal to their own unique experience of womanhood -- and that's just something that we could never try to capture or explain on our own.

We also wanted to put our money where our mouths were this month, too. Instead of having us tell stories about Women's History Month, we hired three amazing guest writers to share their own experiences about womanhood on our blog.

First, Nicole VanDenBergh wrote a great piece about how playing video games made her a better mom. Especially in a year with the pandemic, raising children is no easy task! We felt this was a very important view to include, and it really gets at the issue of identity that many new mom's may face.

Second, another new mom, Jillian Warren wrote a beautiful and poetic tribute to the wonderful women found in Studio Ghibli films. If you aren't a fan of anime -- or if you've never checked out any of Hayao Miyazaki's films -- this piece is going to make you realize what you are missing, and also make you realize what the medium of film is often missing: Female protagonists.

And last, we brought on standup comedian Marisa Galvez to write about her unique experience using comedy to deal with her Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome diagnoses. Once things get back to normal, if you get a chance to see her live, make sure to do it! You'll be in stitches, that's for sure.

These are three powerful and personal stories that we never could have told on our own, and we're so thankful we were able to get to share them with our readers this month. We're hoping to be able to do similar things in the future for other social justice holidays, so please comment, share, and send these articles to your friends!

Speaking of that, if you order one of our Women's History Month custom tees, be sure to tag and mention us at @SocialImprintsSF on Instagram or @SocialImprints on Twitter. We'll share all the awesome shirt designs we see out there in the wild, but most of all we're really excited to see what everybody is able to come up with for their own unique customization!

And don't forget: This is just the start of our Give 2021 A Shot campaign! We'll be rolling out new products throughout the rest of the year, so keep an eye on the blog and all of our social channels to see what else we have up our swag printing sleeves.

Social Imprints is a San Francisco based, full service, one stop, custom branding promo shop. As part of our “Give 2021 a Shot” campaign, we’re rolling out new products to celebrate various social justice holidays and milestones. For more details on the campaign, or to buy limited edition merch that’s printed right here in the Social Imprints warehouse, head over to our webstore!



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