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Crunchies Award Ceremony

Social Imprints was selected as the official printer for the 7th Annual Crunchies Award Ceremony, the tech industry’s largest awards celebration. Tech Crunch, the event organizers, were attracted to Social Imprints’ design expertise and strategic merchandise planning and execution.

In addition to creating the Crunchies Gorilla Awards, Social Imprints produced a fun and interactive atmosphere for the Crunchies' pre-registration and post-event party, with print-shop-inspired “pop ups”. The “pop ups” featured on-site printing of the official Crunchies t-shirts and Social Imprints designed posters using our mini press and dryer. As a thank you gift, Social Imprints crafted key chains resembling miniature Crunchies Awards for all event attendees.

“What a memorable thank you gift that attendees would remember far after the event.”

Matt Giarratano Head of Events Partnership at Tech Crunch.

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