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Social Mission| Social Imprints
Fair Chance Employer| Social Imprints

Power to the People

We opened our doors in 2008 with a commitment to provide higher-paying professional jobs to at-risk adults in need of a second chance. Our social mission is to provide job opportunities, expert job training and support, all within a highly supportive work environment to folks needing a second chance.

Social Imprints career | Social Imprints
Eighty percent of our workforce are:
  • Formerly incarcerated individuals released within 2 years

  • Individuals recovering from substance abuse, who have been sober 2+ years

  • Low-income individuals who’ve been on and off public assistance

  • Individuals with less than a high school education

  • Veterans discharged within 5 years

Social Imprints career | Social Imprints
Social Imprints career opportunities include:
  • Management

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • Accounting

  • Graphic Arts

  • Production Management

Employee Incentive Plan| Social Imprints

Employee Incentive Plan

We fully incentivize our employees who work hard by inviting them to share our company’s success. Yes, we’re talking about profit sharing! Individuals are annually selected by a vote of fellow employees to be part of Social Imprints profit sharing incentive which offers added compensation based on profits.


Work Values

Employees work in self-managed teams and are encouraged to help set compensation, schedules, and responsibilities.

Democratic Work values| Social Imprints

Open Company Records & Financials

Employees work in self-managed teams and are encouraged to help set compensation, schedules, and responsibilities.

Living Wages

Each employee receives a wage consistent with or exceeding comparable in-market promotional products companies.

Living Wages| Social Imprints

Free Support Services

Support services funded by Social Imprints for its employees include counseling, self-improvement, and educational training opportunities.


We go to great lengths to offer our clients the industry’s highest standards of quality and environmental conservation.


Social Imprints’ in-house printing and fulfillment facility is housed in a state-of-the-art warehouse in the heart of San Francisco’s Bayview district. It includes the Challenger III, a 14-station automatic screen printing press capable of printing 500-600 t-shirts per hour, and an advanced fulfillment center for world-class e-commerce, pick-and-pack, and inventory control service. And that’s just for starters.


In 2016, Levis Strauss chose Social Imprints co-founder Kevin McCracken to represent a new generation of apparel makers who are committed to addressing the most important environmental issues of our time. The focus of this year’s Levi Strauss Collaboratory was water – an area of critical concern for the apparel industry.


Social Imprints is one of America’s most eco-conscious printers. Our inks are 100% phthalate-free.

No thermal films allowed! Thermal films are expensive, non-recyclable, harmful to the environment, and absolutely not permitted in our facility! Instead, we use a direct-to-screen imaging system. We also recycle our excess ink to be repurposed for other jobs.

sustainable production operation| Social Imprints
Eco-Friendly Printing Practices| Social Imprints


We believe kids shouldn’t have to work in sweatshops. It’s why we run a sustainable production operation where we employ adults in need of a second chance. Our positions pay living wages, often 15% above the market rate.

Come experience our little slice of screen-printing heaven. Schedule a team-building print party, or a tour of our facility today.

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