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Branding Beyond the Booth: Tips for Creating Memorable Trade Show Merchandise Experiences

Trade show Merchandise – Social Imprints

When making your tradeshow appearance, you need every ounce of your efforts to pay off in spades. It’s important to catch the interest of passerbyers and generate some buzz around your tradeshow booth and promotional products. There are specific tactics to increase your likelihood of walking away from a corporate event with that new high value contact. 

When it comes to trade show merchandise, let Social Imprints guide you to making the best investment. Creative, novel, and memorable tradeshow giveaways have the capability of drawing all eyes at the event straight to your brand. This article will discuss some strategies to improve your brand recognition at the next tradeshow you set out to conquer. 

1. Know your audience: Choose tradeshow giveaways that are relevant to your attendees

Understanding your target audience is crucial for effective event marketing

When it comes to promotional items for trade shows, have branded merchandise that satisfy the following recommendations:

  • Contribute practical items used by your target audience

  • Have industry appropriate corporate gifts

  • Utilize styling that will satisfy branding requirements and appeal to intended clientele

  • Present small and packable company merchandise

  • Offer Innovative and memorable items

  • Possess green and sustainable trade show giveaways

2. Have options: Consider having multiple levels of tradeshow merchandise

There will be hundreds, sometimes thousands of visitors to your tradeshow booth. You want to be prepared for the diversity of individuals ranging from different industries and at all levels of a corporation. You want to strategically anticipate who might be visiting and why. You also need to establish what your goals are with the potential connections. That translates into having a variety of promotional products. Have small things that you can give away no sweat. But also have larger items for that super special contact that just made a surprise appearance. 

Include everyone - have sustainable trade show giveaways that will be practical and effective to hand out in mass. 

Having an awesome corporate gift could make or break a first impression - think ahead and plan for that new lucrative contact. 

Never skimp on the quality and always be sustainable - that initial impression of your brand only happens once. Don’t make a silly mistake by gifting a junky thing that is going straight to a landfill. 

3. Be packable: Select promotional products that are small and easy to travel with

At most corporate events and tradeshows, everyone is coming from somewhere. That means that everyone needs to fit their new swag into carry-on luggage. The smaller the better. You also need tradeshow merchandise that will be able to withstand being crammed into an overstuffed suitcase. That means high quality and durable. Any large items are likely to be left in the location or worse - straight to the garbage. Not to mention, you will need to work way harder to set up your booth with large bulky items. Yuck!

4. Show off your brand personality: Make a statement and don’t forget the event theme and host city

Every corporate gift makes a statement. You want to be sure that you are sending the message that you are intending. Every detail should be sussed out so that you are introducing your brand personality, mission, and goals with your promotional items for tradeshows. This is where creativity and ingenuity comes in. Social Imprints is expert in how to tactfully weave your best foot forward with every piece of branded merchandise. If the corporate event has a theme, being witty with how that is presented in tradeshow giveaways will be memorable. It also looks great to honor the highlights of a tradeshow host location. You want your giftees to go home, use your company merchandise, and look back on the trip fondly. You want increased brand recognition and a positive association. We know it’s not exactly a vacation to a tradeshow, but we can inch in that direction for sure!

5. Generate fun with an activity, game, or contest: Utilizes your branded merchandise to create a memorable experience

Show the world that your company has a work culture that fosters celebration! Everyone loves a fun game and competition. Be creative with coming up with some kind of fair or arcade like activity that utilizes your trade show merchandise as a prize. 

There are so many benefits to having activities at your tradeshow booth:

  • Generate buzz at your booth

  • Draw a crowd and keep people coming around

  • Demonstrate that your company is “fun” to work with

  • Show off your creativity

  • Increase your brand recognition

  • Create more important contacts

  • Have more time with potential clients to give the perfect pitch

Next time your brand makes an appearance at a tradeshow, let Social Imprints help maximize your time there. Utilize your resources to the best of your ability by increasing effectiveness of event marketing with promotional products. Be creative, stand out, and never forget to carry sustainable trade show giveaways

You only make the first impression once. Know that you are showing off your brand in the best way possible with Social Imprints. 

For help with trade show merchandise, reach out to and one of our product specialists will be in touch!



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