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About Us

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Why Social Imprints?

Since opening our doors in 2008, Social Imprints has been the go-to promotional products vendor for many of the nation’s leading tech companies. We are not only passionate about the products and services we sell but also about enriching the community we serve.


At Social Imprints, we provide higher paying professional jobs in sales, marketing, graphic arts, customer service, accounting & production/warehouse management to recovering addicts, individuals on/off public assistance, veterans of the military, underrepresented minorities and those undereducated / underemployed.


If you want to work with a company that is passionate about swag, and that makes a real imprint in the community, Social Imprints is the place for you!

Brand with Purpose

Our Approach

What’s YOUR purpose when you give away or sell your swag? Our staff not only wants to understand your desired colors, your size breakdown, and how many colors in your logo, we want to learn more about your brand. So that  we can find items that fit your values, look and feel.


Only after we’re armed with an understanding of your “true needs” will we suggest product ideas from our 250,000-plus product idea incubator. To test our “true needs” approach, give one of our highly trained swag experts a call to discuss your upcoming event or corporate identity needs.

Our Approach



Jeff Sheinbein

Co-Founder & CEO

In 2011, Bloomberg Business Week named Jeff Sheinbein “America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneur.” As a guest speaker, Jeff delivers a passionate message about the power of social business to change lives, transform society, and create healthy, expansive business cultures.


Jeff serves on the Advisory Council of Meridian International Global Service Leaders. A two-time Investors Circle finalist, he has led three highly successful social enterprises in the US and abroad.


Jeff started his career as managing director of AI, a non-profit screen printing and embroidery company in San Francisco that hires from an at-risk adult population. Under Jeff’s leadership, AI became one of the country's most successful nonprofit enterprises of its size, and one of the most profitable businesses in the US screen-printing industry.


The Community Action Network (UK) hired Jeff to replicate his highly successful business model in London. While in the UK, Jeff also led social enterprise workshops for hundreds of aspiring young social entrepreneurs.


Jeff has enjoyed a second career as an independent consultant helping nonprofits and social enterprises find their identity and grow. His clients include Golden Gate Community Inc., The Body Positive, ShareForward, East West Holistic Center, and the Borders Books Free Classes Program.


Jeff received a B.A. in Economics from UC Berkeley with a minor in Business Administration.


Angel Investors

Mike Hannigan


President of Give Something Back

A native of Pensacola, Florida, Mike Hannigan earned his B.A. in Philosophy from UC San Diego and an M.A. in Criminology from UC Berkeley. He began his career at Xerox Corporation and spent a decade in management at business products companies before starting GSB.

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James Lincoln


CEO of Illuminated Funds

James has long experience in investment management, money management, fund management, real estate investment, real estate management, real estate development, and all aspects of venture capital, with operational and executive experience and expertise in all the above. James also serves on numerous for-profit and non-profit corporate boards.

Josh Mailman


Founder of Serious Change, Founding investor of Stonyfield Farms

Mr. Mailman started Social Venture Network, a nonprofit that unites hundreds of business leaders to help build a just and sustainable economy.

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Henry Vandermark


Solar Wave Energy, Inc.

Mr. Vandermark managed Solar Wave Energy, Inc. a company that as of 2017 had designed, installed, and serviced solar hot water and heating systems for more than thirty years. He has taught solar thermal classes to trade school students and at professional conferences.

Rachel Sheinbein


Managing Director at Makeda Capital

Rachel is an experienced angel investor in women-led companies, and a private equity investor at CMEA Capital, with operating experience at Intel. She received her Bachelor’s in Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s in Environmental and Civil Engineering and an MBA from MIT.

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Our History

Our History

The First Seeds Are Planted


While serving as executive director of a non-profit printing company that employed recovering drug addicts and the formerly homeless, Jeff Sheinbein hires a shy young man from Walden House, Kevin McCracken, as an administrative assistant. Kevin's energy, enthusiasm, and superior work ethic are immediately apparent, and he soon is promoted to sales manager. 



Investors Circle Conference

Social Imprints wins nationwide business plan competition and awarded the opportunity to present the business plan to several of the nation's most prominent angel investors. 

Social Imprints is Born

Jeff and Kevin join forces again to start the company of their dreams. 



Social Imprints As We Know It

Social Imprints earns a reputation as the go-to printer for Silicon Valley elite firms.

Social Imprints Moves


Social Imprints moves to a new 10,000 square foot facility in San Francisco's high-tech SOMA district. 



The Printmobile Cometh

Social Imprints wins the Fast Company and Mercedes Benz "Drive Your Business Forward" Contest and wins a fully loaded Mercedes Metris equipped with a traveling printing press.  

We're International


Through its strategic partnerships, Social Imprints provides promotional products and logistical services to North America, Europe and Asia. 



We've Moved


Social Imprints moves into a 20,000 square foot facility located in San Francisco's Bayview district.

The world changes

Covid changes how Social Imprints and our partners operate. 



Social Imprints Bounces Back

As we settle in to a new way of doing business, Social Imprints has one of our best years to date.

Social Imprints Grows


Social Imprints has its best year ever. We commit to hiring and training more people. Planning to launch our new Workforce Development Program in 2023.



The Next Level


Introducing our sustainability initiatives

Setting the industry standard for data security

Becoming a global company

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