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Give 2021 A Shot Campaign: National Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 Product Reveals

We've already had two successful celebrations as part of our year-long 'Give 2021 A Shot Campaign' -- both our Pride campaign and our Women's History Month campaign were great ways to kick off a year of celebrating social justice milestones and holidays.

But we said we were going to keep celebrating these important holidays/milestones throughout the whole of 2021, which means it's time to reveal our next theme!

Drum roll, please.

I'm happy to unveil our next swag ideas deck and monthly theme: National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Now, if you keep a keen eye on the calendar, you'll notice that National Hispanic Heritage Month doesn't start until the 15th of September. However, the promotional products industry is always working ahead, so we wanted to make sure to release our next deck of ideas in time for companies to order them for any live events, festivals, employee get-togethers, or other celebrations that they are putting on to highlight Hispanic heritage.

'Product ideas like what?' you might ask. Glad you did. Let's take a look through our idea collection, and I'll pick out a few of my favorite items that I think are perfect no matter what business you are in.

One of my priorities with this collection was making sure it reflected Hispanic and Latino culture from across multiple countries -- the Month is meant to celebrate people with Spanish, Mexican, Caribbean, Central, and South American ancestry.

In other words, I didn't want to just throw a taco on a shirt and call it a day.

That's why I'm so happy with what our designer RJ Phiosuwan put together as our primary logo for the collection. Featuring imagery that represents the beautiful diversity of the Hispanic and Latino cultures, these ringer tees are great as employee gifts or to sell in your company's online store. And look at how the white design pops on that black American Apparel ringer tee? Love it.

Of course, these ideas are the floor, not the ceiling! We can print these Hispanic Heritage Month designs on any of the products you can find in our catalog, not just the apparel we selected here.

And what about stuff for the home? Giving employees personalized promotional products that they'll use day in and day out helps keep employee retention and satisfaction up and provides who knows how many opportunities for them to promote your brand over the years continually.

First up in our home collection, check out our full-color personalize keepsake photo plate. Available in our colorful Social Imprints Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 text design and our limited edition, exclusive logo that you can only get right here!

We couldn't forget the kids -- or the employees that have young kids at home, either. Our branded sand pail with toys is great for a weekend to the beach, or pick up some sidewalk chalk and let them follow in the rich tradition of street art. Every great artist has to start somewhere, and parents will appreciate that their employer took the time to think about their kids' needs, as well.

As we were putting this collection together, we were briefly in a period pre-Delta variant where things were opening back up. That was the inspiration for our sub-collections -- the Live Music is Back collection and the Food Festival collection. So whether you are a company hosting a celebration event for your employees, or a music venue that's getting back in the swing of things, these two product collections contain a range of branded promotional product items that employees and customers alike are sure to love.

And, being an avid concert go-er myself, we had to make sure to include earplugs. But with koozies, bottle openers, and lanyards perfect for VIP or extra-special guests, our Live Music is Back collection is perfect for any events your organization plans on throwing throughout the back half of the year.

Of course, those aren't the only event merch that we've come up with for this collection. In addition, we've got some great fan favorite fan clapper banners, stick flags, die-cut stickers, some buttons, and even a to-die-for pin set that celebrates the musical diversity of the Hispanic and Latino cultures. Just take a look at those! I'm jealous -- I'd love to have a set of them just for my personal pin collection.

We wanted to make sure that this collection had some longevity to it, too. That means that we aren't just going to start the celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month now and then wrap things up quickly. We're going to keep celebrating with product features, new product launches, and additional blog content throughout National Hispanic Heritage Month proper!

Keep an eye on our Social Imprints main website, blog, and social, and you'll be the first to know about what we're working on and kept up-to-date on the future of this and our other 2021 upcoming celebration catalogs. And whether it's for National Hispanic Heritage Month or whatever else your company is celebrating, if you want to get in touch about your company’s next promotional project, contact us today!


-Willie Clark

Social Imprints, Marketing Manager



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