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  • Gabriel Moss

How to Make Corporate Swag Feel More Personal

Due to the recent uptick in Covid-19 cases thanks to the hyper-contagious Delta variant, it, unfortunately, seems like local business growth is on yet another downtrend. That said, if your digital marketing strategy is still in its infancy, or if you’re interested in ways to keep your employees feeling confident in your brand’s direction, corporate swag (which we offer right here at Social Imprints!) can make sure you’re not entirely stuck at a loss.

There are several ways you can use corporate swag to steadily raise brand promotion within your company while making your employees feel more appreciated. You can also sell (or give away) these products directly to your customers. This potentially turns them into promoters who can help you build stronger brand recall across your target audience and, ultimately, provide more growth for your business.

The best way to do this is by focusing your corporate swag strategy on items that have a personal touch. Ideally, you want to offer highly reusable swag -- staple items -- that visibly display your branding and which the owner strongly identifies as “theirs.” Here’s how custom corporate swag -- served hot off the printing press right here at Social Imprints -- can help your business retain and grow an audience in the chaotic latter half of 2021, all while maintaining that important personal flair.

Consider Your Approach to Corporate Swag

No matter what’s going on in the world of business or the greater world outside of it, it’s always a good idea to implement corporate swag as a mainstay in your marketing strategy. There are no unintuitive processes to learn or complicated algorithms to stay up to date with, and no matter what your business goal is, there’s always an item for the right occasion.

Think of corporate swag as a gift -- a physical item (with your logo on it) that your employees or customers can hold in their hands and ascribe personal meaning to.

Before moving on to our top picks for custom-printed personal staples that work in every business setting, take a second to learn more about how we use eco-friendly processes to deliver the highest-quality corporate swag.

Custom Metal Water Bottles

Everybody needs to drink water, which means that everybody could use their very own personal water bottle. It’s a universal item, and it’s also one that’s so natural to see being carried around. So, why not place a custom water bottle, one with your company’s logo slapped on the side, directly into your customer’s hands?

If you’re going to invest in custom water bottles, we suggest high-quality materials that are therefore extremely reusable. For their utility alone, custom metal water bottles -- specifically those made from stainless steel -- are a great choice for corporate swag that you can give away or sell in pretty much any situation.

Custom metal water bottles are also a convenient gift to give to your employees, given that a well-hydrated team is likely to be happier and more productive. All you have to do is give that water bottle a cool, clean design that shows off your brand’s colors and logo, and you’re good to go!

Our first pick for great stainless steel custom metal water bottles is the Tervis Stainless Steel Sport Bottle, a 10 1/2 x 3 1/2 vessel made of copper-lined 18/8 stainless steel. It’s double-wall vacuum insulated to maintain the temperature of 24 ounces of your customers’ or employees’ favorite hot or cold beverages.

If you’re concerned about cost-effectiveness, a less expensive yet still comparable pick is the 18-ounce Good Value(R) Reef Stainless Steel Bottle, a 10 3/8" x 2 7/8" vessel sporting double-wall insulated vacuum construction and a screw-on leakproof lid.

You can check out Social Imprints’ entire catalog of custom metal water bottles right here for more options!

Custom Journals with Logo

Journaling is the best way to get your thoughts onto paper and out of your head. Whether you’re working through your personal feelings, writing a schedule, or taking important notes, it’s always good to have your very own journal that you can pull out whenever it’s time to jot something down.

This is why custom journals with your brand’s logo are a fantastic variety of corporate swag to gift to your employees or sell to your customers, all of whom will then see your brand’s name every time they open up their journal to dissect their own thoughts or take notes in a meeting.

That’s a highly intimate place for your business’s name to exist in that person’s mind, yet selling custom journals with your logo printed is a non-invasive method of getting your name out there -- especially if the journal is made of high-quality materials and the design is awesome!

There are many custom journals to choose from, whether you’re a fan of rich, leather-bound tomes like the Americana Leather-Wrapped Journal or sleek, modern journals such as the Casablanca Journal. No matter which custom-printed journal you go for, Social Imprints has you covered -- you’re welcome to check out our full catalog of custom journals with logo!

Custom Sweatshirts

Autumn is nearly a month away! This means it’s a perfect time to begin planning fall outfits, which largely means finding the most comfortable sweatshirts and jackets that look great.

Ordering your own branded custom sweatshirts is a great way to turn out high-quality sweatshirts that your customers and employees will love and generate positive brand equity for your company. In addition, we offer a great selection of premium sweatshirts that you can use as a base for your own designs!

For a stylish yet eco-friendly look, check out the Alternative Eco-Fleece Baller Short Sleeve Hoodie, complete with a pullover natural drawstring hood, kangaroo pocket, raw-edge sleeve, and banded waist.

We also do crewnecks, like the cozy Comfort Colors Colorblast Crewneck Sweatshirt that comes in a relaxed fit. This durable sweatshirt made of colorblast fleece looks and feels great and is a perfect place to stick your brand’s logo and whichever creative designs you and our design team come up with!

For more, check out Social Imprints’ complete catalog of custom sweatshirts for customers or employees who are either male-presenting or female-presenting.

Social Imprints is a San Francisco-based, eco-friendly merchandise, promotional products, and swag company. Our social mission is in the very DNA of who we are -- we’re committed to being an employer for at-risk adults. To get in touch about your company’s next promotional project, contact us today! To learn more about our Give 2021 A Shot campaign, head right over here!



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