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10 Budget-Friendly Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Corporate gift ideas for employees – Social Imprints

It’s always a good idea to demonstrate employee appreciation. There are numerous reasons why it’s important to show your talent that you value their work. Some positive results include improved employee satisfaction, increased productivity, strong retention rates, stronger loyalty, and enhanced company culture. Providing gifts for employees is standard practice and a go-to choice in the corporate world. Some of the best corporate gifts to benefit an organization include branded swag. Check out Expanding Your Brand: The Role of Online Swag Stores in Business Growth to learn more about why promotional products are so great for company growth.

Venturing to support employee well-being with corporate gifts can sometimes be tricky - especially with limited resources. Knowing that it’s a wise investment, it can be hard to decide on the quantity of investment. Luckily, it is possible to provide gifts for employees with limited funds! Social imprints has great corporate gift ideas for employees that won’t break the bank. 

This article highlights 10 budget-friendly corporate gift ideas for employees that can work on any company budget - some are even under $10! 

This RuMe® Recycled Backpack is an excellent choice for any employee! It checks all the boxes with its practical usage, sustainable recycled materials, and high quality design. This smart pack is lightweight and packs into a zipper side pocket! Show off your brand all over the world because this can fit into any suitcase. As a corporate gift idea for your remote, wanderlust talent, this is a wise choice. 

Backpack – Social Imprints

This RuMe® Sling Bag is an incredible deal at just $7.19! This item is also extremely practical and fits into its own pocket for added portability. It’s lightweight and great for storing all the essentials for daily usage. Let your employees show off your brand wherever they go. For branded gifts under $10, this versatile bag will surely inspire your receiver to feel great wherever they take it.

Sling Bag – Social Imprints

Socks are so in right now! Everyone gets excited for some fun and flared up socks. These are a pleasant surprise and perfect as unique gifts for employees. This subtle fashion statement is available in a one size fits most so you can forget the hassle of complicated size orders. These cool socks even have custom design options! That’s huge! Your team can be creative and design the perfect sock, tailored to your branding specifications and personality. 

Custom Socks – Social Imprints

This Bamboo Two-Tone Bamboo Bar Prep Cutting Board is excellent for budget friendly corporate gifts. As a very practical item, every kitchen can use a compact cutting board. These are great to be used at any party as a serving platter or bar assistant. It’s convenient size is also an excellent choice for any picnic or camping trip! This beautiful piece is carved out of Moso bamboo, which is extremely durable and also sustainably sourced. This is perfect as corporate gift ideas for employees because it is practical, aesthetically pleasing, and also eco-friendly!

Show your employees that you care about their health and well-being with a massage tool. Bring the spa right to their homes and help them to relax after a full day of working for you. This pocket-sized massager is tiny yet powerful. It is USB charged with long lasting rechargeable battery life. Give the gift of tranquility and help your employees relieve their muscle stiffness and soreness. You never know, this could be the best corporate gift your employee ever got.

This is a classic and good looking bag. This bag is used in settings like the airport, grocery store, the office, or just about anywhere! It is complete with a side water bottle pocket, extra deep main compartment, and adjustable straps. With super durable 600d polyester, this is an excellent corporate gift.

Tote Bag – Social Imprints

Versacord thought of just about everything with this nifty item. Not only does it have a lot of awesome features, it is super practical and could be used by anyone, anywhere. It is sleek, portable, and complete with 5 charging cables. Made from recycled materials, it includes two USB-C, one USB-A, one Micro USB, and one iOS-Compatible cable, all organized into a tube. They even came up with a cool idea to repurpose the box it comes in! Cut, fold, and close the box to turn it into a pencil holder. You can even add post-it notes on the front! But that’s not all for this innovative technology. Versacord is also carbon neutral and publishes a diagram explaining exactly how they were able to accomplish that. This gift is truly a creative pioneer, and perfect as corporate gift ideas for employees.

Tech Swag – Social Imprints

For employee appreciation, you can’t go wrong by helping them stay hydrated with a high quality insulated stainless steel bottle. This Tijuana item is super durable with powder-coated stainless steel construction. It will also keep beverages at the optimal temperature for 8 hours with a double-wall vacuum insulation. The lid is twisted on and attached so your employee doesn’t need to worry about losing the top. Your brand will look solid on this perfect corporate gift.

This little organizational wonder is perfect for your talent who travels often for work. Help them arrive feeling organized and prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. This compact zippered closure is large on the inside and includes elastic straps and mesh pockets. It can hold a mouse, flash drive, adapters, cables, and whatever else you might need. It will keep things organized and protected with extra padding. This is a great choice to offer as gifts for employees. Help them be tidy and efficient with this smart item.  

 Tidy Techer – Social Imprints

This clever item is perfect for branded gifts under $10, coming in as low as $8.98. Help your talent stay neat and efficient, while also boosting employee satisfaction! This pencil case is great to use on the go, at home, or in the office. It has a zipper closure and is fully lined to all items inside protected. It even has a front pocket that can hold business cards and other items. This pocket can stand upright with a structured bottom to keep everything stable and easy to use. When taking this on the go, it can be attached with a side snap to clip onto other bags or a carabiner. This is a great value item with lots of practical application. 

Office Supplies – Social Imprints

These are all great options for boosting employee satisfaction. However, a word of caution - items that are chosen as gifts will be associated with your brand. Selecting a budget option that doesn’t seem very high quality, or not made with sustainable products, could be poorly received. Social Imprints can assure that if you need budget friendly corporate gifts, you will walk away with something to brag about. 

Don’t forget, never underestimate the importance of choosing sustainable products for corporate gift ideas for employees. Often the added expense is going towards a good cause. You want your brand to stand out and make a great impression. Make sure you are investing in appropriate products that represent your brand’s personality. 

Social Imprints is here to guide you, whatever your budget may be. Let us help you select quality sustainable products that will be cost effective. It can be a tricky dance, but we are the experts. 

For help with corporate gift ideas for employees, reach out to and one of our product specialists will be in touch!



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