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Expanding Your Brand: The Role of Online Swag Stores in Business Growth

Online Swag Stores for Business – Social Imprints

It’s likely that you are aware of the importance of promotional products. According to research, in 2022, the promotional products sector grew by 15.6% and reached $25.5 billion in sales. That’s hard to miss. An ASI global study in 2019 concluded that “promotional products are the most high-impact, cost-effective advertising medium for our clients.” 

It’s important that your brand invests in this properly. In another study, 72% of consumers stated that the quality of the promotional item reflects the brand’s overall value and reputation. At Social Imprints, we are here to guide you in this process so that you can make a strong first impression. Once you make the decision to put your best foot forward, check out Factors to Consider When Building an Online Company Store.

Once you get started, an online swag store can boost business growth. This article will outline some of the key benefits of making it happen. 

1. Save money with promotional swag stores

Purchasing and producing promotional products is a standard and common event in today's corporate world. How an organization goes about this task can vary tremendously in terms of associated costs. If every item requires a series of conversations, decisions, meetings, emails, etc. - that adds up fast. Labor costs are expensive, especially when executives need to be involved with purchasing decisions. Even setting up an eCommerce store in-house can be astronomical in terms of the bandwidth burden on your organization. By the time the smoke clears, you’ll regret not outsourcing building e-commerce stores. Save yourself the headache and let Social Imprints save you money in the long term.

Having an online swag store is the cheapest way to produce, gather, gift, and sell your branded products. 

Make branded product design decisions once and set up a sustainable system. That is by far the most intelligent way to manage promotional swag. The saving costs of increased efficiency will be impressive. Whether you are gifting, stocking up for a conference, or selling to the public to showcase your brand - you’ll be grateful for the ease of scaling up.

2. Increase revenue

Where there is reduced spending, there is increased revenue! Not only will you spend less to accomplish necessary tasks, you will increase the ease of selling your custom swag. A high functioning online swag store can support an entirely different revenue stream.

E commerce stores can facilitate business growth through the following:

  • Gifting for various occasions

  • Expanding your purchasing audience

  • Maximizing efficiency

  • Increasing the quantity of promotional products being sold

  • Expanding brand reach and visibility

  • Increasing brand loyalty

  • Boosting company culture and community

Company swag stores make it easier to obtain and distribute your promotional swag.  Whether your branded products are used in house, for the general public, or to be passed out at a conference - an online swag store for employees is the smartest way to go.

3. Be among the thriving

There are numerous practical reasons why promotional swag stores boost business growth. Therefore, it’s no surprise that companies who are ahead of the curve and thriving, have one. As clients, investors, or potential talent investigate your company, dropping the ball on having an online swag store could be a red flag. You don’t want to have that secret sauce missing on your website. Have the qualities of companies that dominate the corporate world, such as e commerce stores. 

Members of your crew want to brag about it. Have an easy way for them to obtain branded merchandise or even a custom swag box. They will show the world that they support your brand.

4. Increase efficiency for management - Consolidate and streamline purchasing

Online swag stores are extremely efficient for a number of reasons. They set up systems for merchandise that are sustainable and don’t require substantial labor hours to procure orders. Social Imprints specializing in bringing your brand’s ideal store to life. eCommerce solutions that are optimized will surely boost business growth and lighten your management’s workload.

Companies who partner with Social Imprints enjoy getting their needs met. When you set up a store, you gain a pro-active inventory management partner.  All purchases are consolidated and merchandise is high quality with customized branding. Enjoy cutting edge eCommerce functionality with streamlined accounting. And above all, your management talent will enjoy a low stress and pleasant experience with first class customer service.

5. Expose your brand to the world - Boost Brand Recognition

When your company has a custom swag store, your merchandise sales will increase substantially. That means that more people will obtain your branded products and help get your message out to the masses. Each person who supports your mission is an advocate for your brand. Having an easy way to buy and sell products will satisfy the needs of your people. This can support networking and relationship building in and outside of your organization.

6. Utilize your brand to support a good cause - it’s a very good look

One of the best features of custom promotional products is that resources can be allocated to support a good cause. Company swag stores should include promotional products that are made by companies that fund important causes. This elevates your brand to have a deep substance and contribute positively to the world. When your company genuinely cares about helping people and the world, your audience will notice. 

Your brand will be positively received if you support companies that support causes like the following: 

  • Stopping human trafficking and slavery

  • Environmental Conservation

  • Supporting human rights and social justice

  • Protecting animals

  • Funding education

  • Advocate for the arts

  • Crisis support and poverty rehabilitation

Social imprints specializes in finding the best organizations for your brand to partner with. Imagine how awesome your custom swag box would be if it’s also helping make a positive difference in the world! Social imprints is here to help you make it happen.

7. Boost comradery and company culture

Your online swag store for employees will generate positive messaging for your company culture. Not only will the store make things easier for your entire staff to purchase and manage orders, it will increase their chances of obtaining custom swag! Your employees will feel more like a team with matching merch for their entire families. Having a strong company culture is a massive advantage for any organization. Your brand needs to take care of their people. Check out 5 Health-Inspired Employee Wellness Gifts For 2024 for great ideas to support your team's body and mind!

If you want to see more evidence about how custom swag can boost company culture, learn 5 Ways Corporate Gifts can Enhance Employee Motivation

It’s clear that there are numerous benefits to setting up company swag stores. It’s an effective investment for marketing, business growth, and company culture. Your organization can save money, boost profits, increase internal efficiency, broaden your brand awareness, and generally look like an all star. 

For help with setting up your online company swag store, reach out to and one of our product specialists will be in touch!



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