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E-commerce & Corporate Web Stores

Custom Web Stores

Social Imprints has built, managed, and maintained more than 60 online stores for both our domestic and international clients. We can even create a site that has multiple distribution channels anywhere in the world. Our e-commerce product offerings include:

Retail Web Stores

Make a profit selling your company’s branded merchandise to fans, employees, and franchisees. We’ll print the product, process and fulfill orders, and send you a monthly check and sales report.

Our E-Commerce Benefits:

  • We print your merchandise.

  • We build your webstore.

  • Customers order products from your online store.

  • We pick and pack your orders.

  • We ship the orders.

Our pick and pack services include materials handling, incoming inspections, warehouse inventory management, assembly/kitting, and merchandise picking and packing.

Corporate Web Stores

Social Imprints will set up your company’s password-protected web store, giving you the ability to distribute your custom-branded merchandise online.

You'll have complete control over your products, as well as the site's look-and-feel, with easy access to controls and ability to set department/office spending limits.

For special events and product launches, we can ship within one business day of order placement.

Department Microsites

If a full-blown company store seems a little overblown right now, you should consider a microsite.  A microsite is a scaled down version of a company store.  Microsites can be used to manage on-boarding, recruitment, special event and pre-order distribution and fulfillment activities.

Purchasing Portal

Like an internal corporate store, purchasing portals allow you to have complete control over products and how your site looks and feels without needing to maintain large inventory volumes. Purchasing portals include convenient shipping options and real time reporting.

Coupa & Salesforce


Social Imprints offers full e-commerce integration for managing expenditures through a Coupa procure-to-pay system. We developed a punch-out CXML and OCI format to handle orders placed through your company’s own procurement system. Our model allows you to create a perfect solution that will accommodate your company’s departmental budgets and approval workflows, without leaving your current system. Contact our sales team for more information.

Customer Portal

We’re excited to unveil the industry’s most flexible, technologically advanced customer portal. Our leading-edge customized portal promises to match those of the world’s largest promotional products providers. It will include a responsive interface for viewing on mobile devices and tablets.

Ever wanted Amazon style flexibility with your promotional products provider? The technology you’ve always wanted has arrived.

Each of our customers will have their own portal where they can:

  • Placing and changing orders

  • Displaying special promotional offers

  • Tracking spend

  • Accessing old orders

  • Tracking existing orders


Portals will include a visual display of all products purchased, creating a micro-web store within your portal. Keep your business on track with inter-organizational communication capabilities, allowing all contacts within the same organization to see and share order information as well as place orders.

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