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Our Sustainability Initiative

The clothing industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, second only to oil. It’s time for swag to raise its bar for sustainability. We’re proud to be leading the way. 

 Branded products are an important way to unify employees, show them you care, and drive awareness. However, historically the industry has been more destructive than it has had to be. No more. 


We have gone to great lengths to make promotional products cleaner than ever before.  


First, we curated the world’s largest collection of eco-friendly products in the swag industry so that employees have swag they’ll treasure and use for years to come - preventing the gifts from clogging up landfills. 

Then, we partnered with veritree, a restorative platform, to plant trees and compensate for carbon produced from swag. 


Finally, we equipped you - our customers - with the tools needed to meet sustainable development goals (SDGs). 

While not a perfect solution, we’re excited to take a step in the right direction and offer this multifaceted approach to sustainability and branded swag.

We’re committed to improving our environmental conservation and hope you will join us in our charge to reduce landfill and water waste, lower our collective carbon emissions, and restore forests tree by tree. Let’s make a positive Social Imprint together

Consciously Curated Products


We curated the world’s largest collection of eco-friendly swag (apparel, bags, drinkware, tech, and more). Each offering in our catalog either reduces water use, carbon emissions or traditional plastic waste and / or has a one-for-one charity model or contributes profits back to the health of the earth. 

We work with vendors that are female, BIPOC or LGBTQ+ owned, and then produce high quality gear and wear that will stand the test of time, thus reducing landfill waste. 

By 2024, more than 75% of our supply chain will be made of environmentally conscious, socially responsible suppliers. 

To see our sustainable offerings and vendors, please schedule a call with us today. 


Compensating for Carbon

We’ve partnered with veritree to regenerate the world’s forests and create jobs for planters. As part of our partnership, we will plant 40,000 Mangrove trees (20 hectares) of forest in Mombasa, Kenya in 2023. Each tree planted sequesters about a ton of carbon per tree, helping compensate for carbon footprints produced from swag. Soon, you’ll also be able to join in our initiative. 

To stay tuned on how you can join in our tree-planting work, please sign-up for our newsletter.

Tracking YOUR Progress

The path to a cleaner and brighter world takes all of us doing our part and making decisions that better align with the health and future of mankind. We want to recognize you for doing your part by choosing Social Imprints. That’s why we developed the Community Engagement Score. This is a real-time number that measures a variety of factors including support for diverse vendors, eco-friendly product choices, jobs created, trees planted, and more. It is intended to help you gather the data to report how you’re meeting your SDG goals. 


Scores will be accessible to SI customers through their customer portal.

Tree Planting Statistics - Social Imprints
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