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7 Amazing Company Swag Gifts for Remote Employees

Company Swag Gifts| Social Imprints

Living and working through a pandemic is challenging even without the extra difficulty of wrangling your workforce across long distances and potentially never seeing your employees in a physical workspace at all.

But it’s not just managers who need a break. Your remote employees have chinned up and trudged the extra mile for you, so -- at the very least -- you ought to send them a little extra TLC to show your appreciation in earnest. The good news is that we’ve come up with this list of seven fantastic company swag gifts for remote employees!

Fidget Spinners

As it turns out, fidget spinners are still tons of fun to play with! Don’t worry -- I’ve checked. But seriously, it’s nice to have a toy or something small that you can play with out of habit, instead of completely losing focus on your task when you get bored or when you need to stop and think for a moment.

Besides, if you have ADHD like I do, you’re bound to lose focus a lot. I know that I’m not the only person who experiences that, and I’m positive that this whole pandemic business aggravates the whole “losing focus” thing in people who don’t necessarily have ADHD -- like, for instance, your employees.

Either way, fidget spinners make a fantastic company swag gift for your remote employees. Call it a “thinking toy.” You can check out Social Imprints’ collection of premium custom-branded fidget spinners right here!

Fiddle Poppers

Much like the fidget spinner before it, the fiddle popper is a fantastic means of playing with something in your hands while processing some other task.

It’s essentially an array of “bubbles” that you can press into a recess, forcing a delightful and satisfying popping noise without actually breaking or bursting anything. Then, you essentially can un-pop the bubble from the opposite side when you’re ready to begin anew.

Take a look at Social Imprints’ custom fiddle popper silicone sensory fidget toy for yourself! P.S. It even comes with instructions for a two-person game, if that’s your thing.


Unless you’re dealing with sweltering hot summer heat, you’re probably going to wear your favorite sweatshirts during winter, spring, fall, and at night. Sweatshirts are exceptionally versatile, which makes them one of the most important items in your wardrobe.

It’s a good idea to have multiple sweatshirts in your arsenal for this exact reason, and it’s no coincidence that Social Imprints offers several brands and styles that you can tailor-fit to your needs. And with everybody working from home, rumor has it that many employees wear sweatshirts every day, since the pressure of being presentable is gone.

So help keep your employees comfortable -- we offer a whole collection of different customizable sweatshirts. Check out our selection of sweatshirts for men and sweatshirts for women.


Ever had something you wanted to say so darn badly, but knew you wouldn’t get away with saying it to any other human so you bottled it up? Keeping a journal means you don’t have to bottle it up anymore. Instead, you can scream directly into the journal. It’s neat, and you can trust me when I say both you and your employees need a place to vent, which makes this a perfect company swag gift for everybody in your workplace.

Journals are a hyper-important tool for self-awareness and keeping track of your thoughts, or even for long-term work planning. Here’s our whole suite of custom-branded journals that you can select from when you’re in the market for amazing company swag gifts for your remote employees.

Ballpoint Pens

How are you supposed to keep a journal without a cool pen? Social Imprints offers a wide selection of premium, customizable ballpoint pens that are just as nifty for taking notes and writing important thoughts down as they are for preventing your thoughts -- and your remote employees’ thoughts -- from going unrealized.

Cool ballpoint pens are the perfect accompaniment to a premium journal. We offer a wide variety of quality ballpoint pens, ranging from the budget-grade Lynx II Ballpoint Pen all the way up to the Blackhawk Bettoni.

Take a look at Social Imprints’ offering of custom ballpoint pens that you can give as gifts to your employees!


Everybody on your team -- including you -- deserves a cool glass of your favorite drink to take the edge off of a rough ‘n tumble workday. No matter what you fill your glass with, you can always print your logo and branding onto a premium glassware set and ship a few off to your remote employees.

For starters, check out the 12 oz. Vancouver glass mug and the 20 oz. Glacial Diamonds Tumbler. Or, here’s the total collection of custom glassware offered at Social Imprints that makes a fantastic gift for your employees.


Pop ‘em on, plug ‘em in, and dive into the experience with our very own custom-branded headphones. The best part of remote work, especially for your employees, is that no manager or co-workers are hovering overhead. Instead, everything they need is on their computer, so it’s way more tenable for them to jack in and hyperfocus on digital space than if everybody were stuck in a regular office environment.

Our customizable headphones that should be top of mind are the Noise Cancelling Headphones and the Leeman Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with inline.

There’s nothing like a good pair of headphones to keep you locked into your current activity, whether you’re hard at work or relaxing in front of a good movie. And there’s nothing wrong with owning a bunch of different headphones, so here’s our list of customizable headphones that make unique company swag gifts for your remote employees.

After all, you want your people at their very best. Of course, items like this probably won’t reverse the effects of cumulative stress. However, the act of sending a gift bag to your employees can still show that extra tidbit of care, which enforces that you’re willing to go an extra mile or two for them -- even when it’s for little things like a pair of headphones or a fidget spinner. And boy howdy, we’re a year and a half into a pandemic -- you can bet that every tidbit counts!

Social Imprints is a San Francisco-based, eco-friendly merchandise, promotional products, and swag company. Our social mission is in the very DNA of who we are -- we’re committed to being an employer for at-risk adults. To get in touch about your company’s next promotional project, contact us today! To learn more about our Give 2021 A Shot campaign, head right over here!

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