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Creative and Unique Gifts for Remote Employee Appreciation

Unique Employee Gifts – Social Imprints

Since the pandemic, as the culture of working from home evolves and remote teams are much more common in today’s work force the trend in remote working has greatly increased. It is now more important than ever for companies to provide virtual team appreciation for their valuable remote staff. In an ever-evolving digital world, traditional ways of recognizing excellence may not have the same effect, and therefore it is essential to investigate providing unique gift ideas for remote workers that may differ to those given to employees working within the office environment.

Personalized Digital Artwork

Employees may gain personal and memorable moments from working on projects or perhaps attending virtual team events, and unique employee gifts such as personalized forms of digital artwork are a very thoughtful way to show your virtual team that they are appreciated. A digital painting, drawing, collage or animation which reflects your employee's personality, interests and achievements can also include the company's logo, values and mission. This virtual team appreciation shows employees that the their individuality and creativity contributes to the company’s overall success. Digital artwork can also brighten their home work space while inspiring them to work more productively and with greater passion. A survey by SHRM (The Society for Human Resource Management) highlighted that unique employee gifts have a substantially significant and positive impact on employee satisfaction.

Subscription Services

Another unique gift idea to show employee appreciation are gift subscriptions such as online cooking classes, language courses or virtual museum tours. These knowledge-based activities allow your remote workers to unwind during their off time while gaining intellectual growth thereby, creating a more desirable balance in their daily work life schedule.

Remote Wellness Kits

Since some remote workers may struggle with the ability to prioritise self-care due to not receiving the same kind of structure, support and social structure that working in an office can provide, companies should provide gifts for remote employees such as wellness kits which might include items such as essential oils, subscriptions to mindfulness apps like fitness, meditation and therapy or ergonomic desk accessories and healthy snacks and beverages.

Care packages can be customized according to the employee’s hobbies, personal preferences and requirements. As well, a handwritten note or a card can be included with remote employee gifts to give it that extra personal touch. A study by Gallup revealed that workers who believe their company focuses on their well-being, health and happiness are 4.6 times more engaged in their job. These unique gift ideas also show remote employees that you know them well and are willing to go that extra mile to ensure their working from home experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Customized Digital Gift Card

Unique gifts for remote workers can also be provided in the form of digital gift cards from a wide variety of online retailers. Digital gift cards allow offsite workers to transform virtual gifts for employees into real physical items that could help them maintain a happy and productive lifestyle. Remote employees may not have the energy or inclination to prepare healthy and regular meals plus it is always nice to occasionally treat yourself to a special meal. Digital gift cards also have the added benefit of supporting other local businesses and delivery services. This delicious and unique employee gift can show your employees working remotely that your company wants to create an easier and less stressful home working environment.

Customized Digital Thank-You Notes

Custom digital thank you notes or video messages from team leaders are a simple, yet effective way, to show virtual team appreciation to employees working remotely. These messages, which can be sent via online platforms, email or social media show that the company is grateful for all the hard work of your remote staff. Authentic digital notes of thanks can also express gratitude, recognition and employee appreciation while providing ongoing encouragement. This simple act of acknowledgment also has the bonus effect of raising morale while fostering a productive remote culture.

Remote Office Upgrade Kits

Office upgrade kits are a thoughtful way of showing gratitude by sending gifts for remote employees working from home. These kits can include items such as premium-quality webcams, noise-cancelling headphones, ergonomic keyboards or standing desks all of which will help to enhance their home office. Unique gifts for remote workers to help enhance their home work space are not limited to purely practical items, they can also include such things as tea, candles, coffee and chocolate. All of which will allow your employees to feel more relaxed and appreciated. Research conducted by Owl Labs showed that 22% of satisfied employees have equipment and items in their home office that is equivalent to what they would be provided within an office environment.

In Conclusion

When a company takes the time to identify the value of hard-working remote staff and provide unique employee gifts and virtual gifts for employees they will be creating a favorable, positive and productive atmosphere for their remote employees to work. Remote employee gifts, which are specially designed to match the personality and tastes of your valuable staff can enhance team spirit, show appreciation, induce engagement and create a sense of belonging among remote teams while strengthening the company’s relationship with them.

Small acts of gratitude are a huge factor in facilitating a healthy remote staff.



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