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Factors to Consider When Building an Online Company Store

Online Company Stores – Social Imprints

With the promotional products industry having a global influence of upwards of $25.8 billion in revenue, clearly there is a lot of bang in that buck. There are many strong reasons why the corporate world invests heavily in company swag. You may have personal experience with why company swag can improve employee engagement, and there is statistical evidence supporting the relevancy of gifting. 

If a business gives a promo product, recipients are 73% more likely to purchase with them. If the recipient is already a loyal customer, 83% would have an even stronger allegiance.  

When it comes to beating the competition, customers are 75% more likely to go with a company that gifted over another that didn’t. Promo products strengthen your brand. The truth is in the numbers. 

You need gifts for employees and clients or customers to be streamlined with the right partner.

After committing to developing your future online company swag store, the next obstacle is figuring out how. Social imprints is an ideal partner to help you set up your dream store in the best way possible. Having an expert to collaborate on the venture is the secret sauce.

What to Think About When Setting Up Online Company Stores

Utilize a Custom Company Store to Consolidate Purchasing

Many corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on products and have very little metrics. It’s hard to believe just how much money goes unaccounted for. Important information like what was spent, by who, why, and was it the best option, is lost. This tracking is essential information to maintain for the health and sustainability of a business. 

At Social Imprints, we can develop your custom company store that meets the needs of your brand and reflects the investment into your employees and partners. Furthermore, it can provide analytics into top performing products to help maintain inventory that is important to your brand. Your company swag store can go beyond purchasing needs concerning gifts for employees. You can include anything that is purchased at your company, across multiple departments, in your store. Office supplies, food products, kitchen necessities, paper products, cleaning supplies, the list goes on indefinitely. Your company store for employees can be an accountant's fantasy. Know all the purchasing metrics needed to assure you are spending wisely.

Everything in one place, automated. The savings could be wild. 

Save money - online company stores are worth every penny

Utilizing a company swag store to consolidate purchasing is just the tip of the iceberg. The saving costs could be substantial. 

If attempting to set up an eCommerce store in-house, that can have a lot of unforeseen expenses. Utilizing an online company store with Social Imprints can be more cost effective. Think about all of the labor costs involved in developing an ecommerce site for your needs. eCommerce development partners can charge upwards of $60K to develop the sites and that doesn’t include sourcing products, quality control, or ongoing inventory management. 

Or just having every purchase be a one-off, without any systemized process, is the most expensive option. Think about all the communications and efforts that happen over the years for purchasing decisions - the back and forth, long full team meetings, or checking and rechecking of billing. Not having this purchasing process streamlined is a total headache and super wasteful of resources. All of that can just evaporate in a click. 

Our setup cost of a company store for employees is minimal compared to the lost labor costs in not having one. Your custom company store is set up once, and then it just keeps working - indefinitely. There will be a little maintenance of course for updates and expansion, but that can be done with just a couple of people involved. No more marathon meetings with massive attendance. 

Making purchasing easier with your online company swag store can potentially increase the ease of purchasing gifts for employees. There are many reasons why this will save you money and you can learn more in 10 Reasons Why Employees Need Gifts. Increased employee engagement is one of the many benefits that lead to outstanding savings and boosted profits. 

Be efficient with a custom company store

The overall big picture here is that having a company store for employees with Social Imprints is extremely efficient. Social Imprints provides eCommerce solutions that are streamlined for ongoing growth and management for your brand.  

At Social Imprints, enjoy the following benefits:

  • a pro-active inventory management partner

  • consolidated purchasing

  • Customized branding

  • cutting edge eCommerce functionality

  • streamlined accounting 

  • First class customer service

Top-notch companies are exemplary in efficiency. They all have incredible employee engagement and an online company swag store. Be among the winners and get your brand out there and set up a company swag store with Social Imprints.

Go with the Experts and have Superior Customer Service

Social Imprints are leaders in the industry. We have a proven track record of developing and maintaining online company stores that impress clients. We have a systematic approach to meeting your needs and have streamlined the entire process. Our team provides your users with top-notch customer service and alleviates the need for dedicated resources from your team. Personalized communications will start enhancing your company efficiency from the first steps of the process. We listen very closely to your needs and become an extension of your brand.

Take the first step in enhancing your company efficiency by reaching out to Social imprints at One of our specialists will be in touch!



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