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Onboarding Brilliance: Choosing the Right New Hire Welcome Gifts for Your Employees

New Hire Welcome Gifts – Social Imprints

Make a strong impression when onboarding a new team member by presenting welcome gifts for new hires. An enjoyable and memorable onboarding process is a key component to welcoming and retaining talent. Showing that your brand cares about employee well-being will improve a new hire’s comfort on their first day and inspire company allegiance. A new hire welcome box will help keep their new swag organized and provide a little more support during their work day. New hire employee welcome gifts can have exciting swag for them to wear throughout their day, hydrate them as they work, or help them jot down notes. You can define your company vibe by designing exciting new employee welcome kits on point with your brand. Make new employees feel seen and a part of the team with tools or clothing that matches their new colleagues! New employee welcome kits will also boost productivity, ensuring they are equipped with all the supplies they need for a successful first day at work.  


At Social Imprints, we pride ourselves in our new employee welcome kit capabilities. We will guide you through designing creative product and packaging ideas and seamlessly deliver your welcome gift for new employees. Let our experts assist you by lowering your administrative workload associated with distributing your new employee welcome kits. Our perfected systems have brought us to the forefront of the industry. You can select your new hire welcome box from a variety of options that are then tailored to your preferences and needs. We are here to maximize the efficiency and ease of acquiring your welcome gifts for new hires.  Let us know how we can support you, and we would be delighted to help brainstorm your best new hire employee welcome gift ideas. 



How To Make A Good Impression With New Hire Welcome Gifts: Must Haves In Your New Hire Welcome Box


The Box:

Welcome gifts for new hires are utilized in every industry, regardless of work status or location. Many workers are remote and sometimes new hire employee welcome gifts are sent to individual’s homes. The unboxing experience sets the stage for their first impression of the welcome gift for new employees. We are capable of sourcing a wide range of boxes with full color and specialty print on the outside and inside of the boxes, as well as, die cut foam, crinkle paper and other filler contents that can dress up your new hire welcome gifts. The right packaging can really increase the perceived value of your new hire welcome kits. Sometimes the right packaging isn’t even packaging! If you want to stay away from disposable items and boost the sustainability factor in your new hire welcome gifts, we can always package items inside a bag or backpack! Need a welcome gift for new employees on site? Add fun items they can show off to their new friends, or matching swag that will enhance bonding for the whole team! This is an ideal way to start off on the right foot with your new talent.  



Print Materials:

We always recommend including a personal touch in new hire welcome gifts by having a letter from management. A welcome letter will make new employees feel appreciated, more comfortable, and included as a member of the team. It is also a great place to state job expectations, company values, and include a call to action. These letters can be printed on high quality stationary or incorporated into products in more creative ways - insert pages in journals, desktop mouse pads, calendars, and other items with large decoration spaces. Sticky notes, scratch pads, and personal planners are just a few other options for materials to include in new employee welcome kits. The sky's the limit with printing possibilities! Our team of product experts can help you come up with the perfect welcome gift ideas for employees. And keep in mind, we are capable of printing and including employee training manuals in these kits as well! 

New Employee Welcome Kits – Social Imprints 


Tech Tools:

At Social Imprints, we take pride in our ability to qualify the true needs of our clients and come up with new hire welcome gift ideas that speak to what is needed. Does your team spend a great deal of time on the phone? Comfortable phone headsets could be a great addition to your new hire welcome gifts. Is security a concern? Then camera and mic blockers could be the perfect item to include in welcome gifts for new hires. From phone chargers to ergonomic computer stands, blue light glasses, and wrist rests, we love putting together new employee welcome kits that help new hires feel comfortable at their work station! Depending on your tech needs, our team is ready to find new hire employee welcome gift ideas that offer solutions with tools and gadgets for the workplace! Make your investment go further with new hire welcome gifts that are useful and practical for your professionals! 



Everyone loves free wearables! Whether you are hiring field sales people in need of Polo’s and business apparel, health care workers in need of scrubs, remote workers who could use some t-shirts and hoodies, or on-site employees in need of specific uniforms, we can source these items and many additional wearables to include in welcome gifts for new employees. Additionally, with customization options on our redemption pages, we can create easy to use, consumer friendly sites that allow your new hires to choose apparel that fits their specific needs when ordering new employee welcome kits. Keep in mind that we track and put together extensive reports on all orders placed through our webstore. This allows our clients who are handling bulk purchases of welcome gifts for new employees to better define the size runs they order based on historical data. Our processes will save your company time and keep your staff looking sharp.   

Welcome Gifts for New Employees – Social Imprints 


Fun and Creative Items:

Bring a smile to your new hire’s face by including fun desktop trinkets like succulents, mini basketball hoops, zen gardens, stress toys, or fidget spinners in your new employee welcome kit. Or boost employee health and well-being with items like stretch bands and yoga mats or blocks to make great creative additions to new employee welcome kits. Providing welcome gift ideas for employees that are in line with HR initiatives to include in new hire welcome gifts is one of the many ways we come up with outside the box ideas. Show your elite professionals that you value creativity and well-being by being unique with what is included in the welcome gift for new employees. Need some inspiration for new hire employee welcome gift ideas? We’ve got you covered.  

New Hire Employee Welcome Gift Ideas – Social Imprints 

How do you know if your new hire employee welcome gifts are successful?

With so many options available, it can often be challenging for our clients to determine the best set of items to include new hire kits. As we know, decisions by committee can often be challenging. That’s where we come in with new hire welcome gift ideas backed with experience. Share your company mission, core values, and objectives, and we will tailor your welcome gifts for new hires to represent your brand properly.  


Be sure that you are rocking your new hire welcome box by collecting qualitative feedback as evidence! We can put together surveys to share with new hires on what they liked best. During this exploratory phase, we can initially stock smaller quantities of items while we collect feedback on the new hire welcome gifts to see what is popular and what could be improved upon. We can even ask them for additional welcome gift ideas for employees! Help your newest employee feel seen, heard, and validated when their welcome gift ideas for employees are given to the next new colleague! No better way to make people happy than to give them exactly what they asked for.  


Need fresh welcome gift ideas for employees: reach out to and one of our product specialists will be in touch! 

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