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The holidays are a time when many companies choose to recognize their employees’ hard work. We’ll help by sending holiday swag to your team members (and/or to your customers) to recognize their continued contributions to your company.


We work with a variety of bespoke vendors to provide curated and personalized holiday gifts. We offer custom packaging, including gift boxes, ribbons, and decorative box stuffers. We can even build a custom e-commerce web store where your teams can choose custom perishable or bespoke options.

Our approach varies from our competitors' because we'll manage your holiday orders, start to finish, from our in-house fulfillment center at our headquarters in San Francisco, California. Our 25,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility enables us to easily manage the logistics and distribute your holiday gifts directly to your individual employees, anywhere in the world.

Socially Responsible Holiday Gifts

As a social enterprise, we take pride in working with socially responsible vendors to provide our customers with social and environmentally responsible holiday gifts. 

For more information on socially responsible holiday gift ideas, check out Employee Gifts for Good.

Eco friendly Holiday Gifts| Social Imprints
Sustainable Holiday Gifts| Social Imprints
Holiday Gifts| Social Imprints
Personalized Holiday Gifts| Social Imprints
Socially Responsible Holiday Gifts| Social Imprints
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