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10 Items To Include in a Welcome Kit for New Employees

New Employee Welcome Kit – Social Imprints

Welcoming a new employee in your organization is a defining moment that determines their entire duration in the company. The right new employee welcome kit is essential in making a successful start as it contains all the necessary resources and helps the new employee to feel that they are part of the organization from day one. In today’s competitive job market where employee retention is crucial, investing in a new employee welcome package is a smart move for any company. Below we look at the essential features that can take your new employee onboarding experience to the next level.  

1. Personalized Welcome Letter 


A welcome letter that is tailored to the new employee is the foundation of a new employee welcome kit. It creates an atmosphere of the company culture and reflects real anticipation of the new arrival.  

The employees who believe their opinion is important at work are very loyal and committed, a survey conducted by Gallup reveals. When the new hire is addressed by name and their unique strengths are emphasized, a personalized letter shows that the organization appreciates their individual contribution.  

2. Company Swag and Branded Merchandise 


Adding company swag and branded merchandise to the welcome kit as a new employee welcome gift not only promotes sense of company pride but also works as free advertisements.  Promotional products stay with the recipients for up to 8 months, with 63% of them being gifted to another person by the recipient, rather than being thrown away, according to a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI).   

3. Employee Handbook and Company Policies 

 An employee handbook is an important tool that should be given to new employees in a new employee welcome package to provide them with detailed information regarding company policies, procedures and expectations.  From a survey conducted by Bamboo HR, 31% of workers say that they would have liked to be provided with more information about the company policies and procedures at the beginning of the job they are currently in. Such information at the outset enables new employees to know what they are entitled to and what is expected of them and also helps in attaining harmony with the company’s values and culture.  

4. Technology Setup Instructions 


New employees should be integrated seamlessly into the digital age of today and they should be able to start work without any delay. An employee welcome kit should contain instructions for setting up emails, accessing the internal systems as well as installation of necessary software clear, on-board process will be easier and there will be less frustration.  In a survey by Robert Half, 95% of the chief information officers (CIOs) said that the technology skills of a candidate are either important or very important while evaluating them for a job.  

5. Welcome Kit for New Employees:Company History and Mission 


Incorporating materials in an onboarding kit that reflect the company history, mission and values gives the new employees a background and enables them to understand how their position fits into the company as a whole. A published study in the Journal of Business Ethics, established that the workers who can see strong coherence between their own values and those of the organization usually have a higher job satisfaction and commitment. The employees onboarding kit strengthens the company purpose and vision aspect thereby promoting a sense of purpose and belonging.   

6. Office Supplies Starter Pack 


Providing the new employees with essential office supplies in their onboarding kit such as notebooks, sticky notes, and pens among others makes them productive right from the beginning and should be included in an employee welcome kit. Based on a survey conducted by by Office Depot, 84% of employees believe that suitable office supplies are the main factor that affects their performance at work. Inclusion of these items in the welcome kit reveals the corporate support and details provided. 


7. Contact List and Organizational Chart 


Transitioning into a new workplace can be difficult, particularly when trying to recall names and positions. Providing a contact list in the employees onboarding kit of the top personnel and an organization chart allows the new employees to learn the structure of the company and also promotes the networking among fellow employees. LinkedIn’s survey shows that networks are responsible for filling 85% of jobs. Supplying new employees with ways to communicate with their co-workers right from the start can have far reaching effects on cooperation and teamwork.  

8. Wellness Resources and Employee Benefits Information 


Early promotion of employee well-being is crucial for creating a healthy and productive work environment. The details regarding wellness resources like (EAPs) employee assistance programs, fitness facilities, and mental health support services is an indicator of holistic employee care. Giving this information in advance helps new employees to put health and wellness in the first place since the first day.  

9. Social Events Calendar 


Community and belonging are critical to the employees’ engagement and staying on. Inclusion of a social events calendar in the welcome kit proves the schedule of upcoming team-building activities, networking events, and company outings. The employee welcome kit promotes the engagement in social activities that are necessary for the relationship-building and adaptation to the company culture. 

10. New Employee Welcome Gift Boxes 


Finally, a personal note by providing a new employee welcome gift that reflects the new employee’s interests or preferences is a heart-warming touch. In a survey by PwC, 64% of the employees respond that they feel appreciated when they are gifted with personalized items by the employer. Gift boxes personalize the onboarding process and help to establish a relationship between employer and employee. 


The provision of a well-structured new employee welcome kit in today’s competitive job market is crucial in attracting and keeping valuable personnel. Organizations should include personalized welcome letters, corporate swag, essential resources, and thoughtful gestures to achieve a memorable onboarding experience, providing new employees with a good beginning for success.    



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