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10 Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts to Feel Valued and Recognised

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Understand the importance of employee appreciation

Never underestimate the importance of employee appreciation. Showing your team that you value them as people and cherish their hard work as a contribution to your organization is vital to your brand. Employee appreciation gifts have been shown to boost morale, increase retention rates, improve productivity, and in turn enhance profits. Keep your talent happy and ready to work as hard as necessary to fulfill your organization's mission with corporate gifts.

In reality, no specific occasion is needed for employee appreciation. Be sure to shower your team with praise around the holidays, when they are first hired, their birthday, or at the completion of a major project. Cultivate a culture of celebration! You can get people whistling while they work and feeling fulfilled in the workplace.

How to give the best gifts to employees

Sending the perfect gift is important to be sure that you are accomplishing your goals with gifting. We at Social Imprints are here to help you with employee appreciation gift ideas. For starters, always go sustainable and eco friendly. Your gift represents your brand. You need to be supporting organizations who are contributing positively to the world. Also trending now is a need for genuine and vintage products as a reaction to A. Demonstrate that you genuinely care about your people with sustainable personalized gifts for employees. We will help you find unique employee appreciation gifts that are the best for your needs.

Here are 10 unique employee appreciation gifts for 2024

Need employee appreciation gift ideas that support well-being? Give them something to have loads of fun with like this wireless speaker that doubles as a cooler! You know you want one…because I sure do! This smart gadget will help your employees relax in beautiful nature with their loved ones and a cool beverage. An excellent pairing with this gift would be the Eco Freek Beverage Sleeve.Eco Freek Beverage Sleeve

This Cooler Pro wireless speaker system can cool up to 6 12oz cans to 28°-30°F below the outside temperature and also has a removable shelf. The bluetooth connecting speakers are full range 6W with bass and volume controls. The handle makes this little beauty easy to take on any adventure. Now that is something to get excited about.

This classic go to gift for employees is eco-friendly and crafted from ocean-bound recycled plastic and spandex. This product will add branding to an array of cups, cans, and bottles. Enhance enjoyment for your employees, whether their beverage is piping hot or ice cold. These beverage sleeves come in full-color dye-sublimation decoration, which will show off any brand and also make a positive impact on the planet. This gift is made from 93% Repreve Our Ocean and manufactured in the US. Repreve Our Ocean collects plastic bottles by hand from coastal areas without formal waste or recycling systems, and then turns the plastic into yarn. Now that’s pretty amazing and an excellent option as gifts for remote employees.

This Vertical Wallet is a classic go to for practical and daily usage. This slim, leather wallet includes a stretchy pocket to keep cards and valuables tightly packed. In addition, it is outfitted with RFID technology to protect your employees credit card information from being stolen! With a variety of colors and styles, this small item packs a log of advantages to give as employee appreciation.

This Cupanion® Bottle is a sustainable product manufactured in New York. This super durable bottle is leakproof, has a lifetime guarantee, and is made of Tritan. Tritan plastic is superior and safer than other more traditional plastics. It is BPA-free, shatter-resistant, and easy to clean. Using this bottle just two times will offset the carbon emissions generated to produce it. What’s more is that it comes with the Fill it Forward Tag printed right on the bottle. Every time your employee reuses the bottle, they can use the Fill it Forward app to help fund giving projects, track environmental impact, and join groups. Using this for employee appreciation gifts will give everyone something to smile about.

Looking for unique corporate gifts that aren't kitschy or niche? Check out this beautifully elegant water kettle. This item will suit your employees needs whether they are into coffee, tea, or just plain hot water. Most people use hot water on a daily basis so this aesthetically pleasing and practical item will be appreciated by all. It features a precision pour spout, quick heat time, exact temperature control, and many other features to allow for ultimate control of the perfect water temperature. A great pairing with this item would be some sustainably grown coffee or tea.

6. BAGITO TOWEL - ROLL OF 25 Help your employees live a more sustainable life with this unique employee appreciation gift. This Bagito roll of 25 super absorbent 100% natural cotton waffle towels will be a practical item for daily use. Each towel can be used upwards of 500 times and can save around $300 a year of single-use paper towels. Saving money on not buying single-use towels for years to come is a huge plus of this gift. This intelligent design allows the towels to fit on all standard paper towel holders. An innovative elastic strap holds towels in place around a reusable inner tube for easy dispensing. It also includes a mesh wash bag. Now that is a gift that keeps on giving year after year!

7. Large Recycled Vinyl Record Journal With the emergence of AI and artificial resources, people are craving what’s genuine and vintage revival is in. This eco-friendly journal is made with authentic recycled vintage vinyl records on the cover. The front record label is customizable in full-color and the journal includes an elastic strap closure and vegan leather back cover. Branding is also available on the inside cover and the journal includes 80 sheets of lined paper. This is an excellent option for practical and super fun personalized gifts for employees.

8. Spa Weekender Kit Support your team’s health and well-being with this affordable ticket to relaxation with bath gifts to employees. This gift set has all the ingredients needed to unwind with relaxing lavender and healing eucalyptus. The package includes bath salts, a soy travel Candle, and a bottle of lotion. What’s even better about this gift is that the company is woman-owned and run by a family with old-fashioned values. This all American-made product is a fabulous go to for any occasion.

9. PHONE SLING This cute and practical item is great for gifts to employees. This practical and stylish product is made with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Poly. This portable phone sling is perfect for your wanderlust talent and to use as gifts for remote employees. This compact item can be taken anywhere and includes a secondary pocket that snaps shut to keep all those little travel items safe. You can be sure that this is a sustainable and eco-friendly option because it comes with a Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certification.

10. Rechargeable Luggage Tag with Find My This safety feature is perfect as gifts for remote employees with the travel bug. Help them keep track of their items and work computers as they adventure. This high tech luggage tag has a built-in tracker! Simply pair it with the Apple Find My app to track the luggage location. You can send your employee off to a conference in style with your brand printed right on the front. It even includes an alarm that notifies when the holder is out of range. Keep your team’s personal belongings safe with this smart device!

Show your team that you love their work with gifts to employees this year

Never underestimate the power of proving your appreciation with a generous reward. Always be tasteful and keep all products sustainable and contributing to a good cause. Your brand is your image and you want your people to show off that they are part of your clan.

Need employee appreciation gift ideas?

For help with selecting the best employee appreciation gifts that will foster a culture of celebration, reach out to and one of our product specialists will be in touch!



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