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A Company Swag Store - The Best Bang for Your Buck

Online Company Stores – Social Imprints

Efficiency is key. In our fast paced, post covid pandemic world, carelessly doing the same thing twice is just not an option. You need your company to have the characteristics of success. Thriving companies provide their employees with high-quality company swag with online company stores.

Your talent will appreciate being gifted, outfitted, and feeling proud to be a part of your crew. The types of swag, and the way it's presented, all define your company core values and brand. When gathering merchandise, even small companies can’t afford to waste administrative time reinventing the wheel. That’s why you need a company swag store. It’s the smartest way to go about managing your needs. You can show off your brand, assure consistency, save money, and strengthen your herd with an online swag store.

Let’s take a deeper dive into why a swag store is what success looks like in 2024.

Online company stores are the best

An online company swag store is a one-stop-shop for company swag, or branded products and merchandise. These branded products are needed for gifting employees or clients, outfitting staff, offering incentives, welcome kits for new hires, and the list goes on! Merchandise can come in all shapes and sizes, from hats, shirts, water bottles, yoga mats, custom oven mitts, tasty treats, and even plants! Products should always be in line with company values, and can be utilized to demonstrate a strong company culture. It’s wise to select premium and sustainable products that everyone will feel good about, and stand the test of time.

If you need guidance on the types of swag for your company, Social Imprints can take the guesswork out of the equation for you. Once you become acquainted with the best options to suit your needs, we will set up your online gifting platform! Now you’re really in business - and winning!

Do you need to be reminded why all the best companies have a company swag store for employees?

Swag is what makes the corporate world go round. Not having it is like being on stage at the talent show and then realizing you forgot to put clothing on. What a nightmare. Clearly, that won't be you.

Items in a swag store can be utilized to enhance happiness at your company, increase retention, boost company culture, save money, and strengthen your brand. For a closer look at swag as a necessity, take a look at 10 Reasons Why Employees Need Gifts.

8 reasons why online company stores are the way to go

1. Save administrative time  Given the practical demand for swag merchandise today, purchasing can be a consistent occurrence. Everytime there’s a holiday, someone is hired, or a super impressive win needs to be celebrated - your management can’t afford to drop everything for a few purchases. Save everyone’s time with a company swag store for employees. Having ready to go options at staff fingerprints simplifies and expedites the whole process.

2. Save Money and be Efficient Time is money. With online company stores, purchasing needs can be met with a few clicks, anywhere, anytime.  Once the store is set up with ideal products to showcase your brand, the work is done. Staff, employees, clients, and friends can feast their eyes on the options and help themselves. Save yourself the headache and excessive cost of déjà vu from managing purchases one by one.

3. Protect your brand - Superior quality assurance Selecting products that artfully represent your brand is tedious and vital for sustained success.  Do it once and be done with it to protect yourself from swag mishaps and pitfalls. We at Social Imprints can equip you with the knowledge necessary to be smart with purchasing decisions. We will be experts in your branding and approval process to provide quality assurance. You’ll sleep better at night knowing it’s been taken care of properly.

4. Customization that is top-notch With your online swag store, you will have total control over your options. Everything from products, branding color kits, and gorgeous packaging, can be carefully crafted to put your best foot forward. You want every purchase to be superior and exactly what the doctor ordered. 

5. Digital Inventory Management and Infrastructure for your needs Not sure where that massive swag order disappeared to? Or can’t seem to ever find the right sized shirt? Stop wasting your company's time on managing products. We specialize in keeping you organized and saving you office space.

6. Consolidate Purchasing Online company stores allow everything to be in one place, efficiently.  In companies with many departments, different purchases may be needed, and they may happen often. Don’t let yourself watch the same purchasing episode on repeat. Let staff help themselves, or delegate all purchasing to one person. Whatever your needs are, a company swag store will meet them better.

7. First class treatment Once your store is set up, we are here to help! Dealing with a new vendor for every purchase can be stressful. There are a lot of details that need to be worked out, every time. Having Social Imprints as the manager of your swag store can help you get into a smooth purchasing flow. When you’re in a pinch and needing a rush order, knowing you can trust us will make all the difference.

8. Shipping Special Treatment Online company stores allow swag to be shipped faster and more efficiently.  These privileges provide superior product access. Given the prevalence of remote workers today, and connectivity of the business landscape, you need to ship things. Having thousands of addresses to keep track of, let alone execute shipping, can be stressful. Skip address collection and let your employees, clients, and fans type in their own address! Empower your people with choice and autonomy. Now that is a breath of fresh air.

Need a company swag store with Social Imprints?

Our experts are the best in the industry and will walk you through the process. Your time setting up your store will be well spent, and you’ll be set for the future. Your staff will be impressed when they see how beautiful and efficient your store is! 

Contact Social imprints at and one of our product specialists will be in touch!



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