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5 Must Have Products with Purpose for Your SXSW Interactive 2020 Booth

In March, it’s time to celebrate SXSW in Austin. Since 1987, SXSW has helped artists, innovators, and thought leaders around the world turn their ideas into reality. Make sure your booth has the same buzz as this world class festival.

To help you choose the perfect branded product to give away at your booth for the interactive festival, we are featuring some of our favorite tech focused products. These products are produced by companies who are also great corporate citizens that support many wonderful initiatives in the community.


Help the planet with this tear resistant washable paper backpack. It features a laptop pocket and front zippered pocket. It is eco-friendly, lightweight, and durable as well as vegan friendly and 100% recyclable. It has a weathered leather look and feel, produced from cellulose plant fiber and starts decomposing within 2 weeks of being placed in the ground.

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Fit Kit Mini

Created by sisters, this mini fit kit is the perfect gift to let your customers know you care about their health. This kit includes a resistance band and exercise cards to encourage healthy habits and activity. With over 100 exercises for strength, cardio, and flexibility, your customers can workout anywhere.

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Bamboo Bluetooth Earbud Set

This true wireless Bluetooth earbud set is made with eco-friendly bamboo. Pairs easily with smart phones and televisions for music, calls, and video. The long-lasting rechargeable batteries offer a 2-3 hour playback time and 4-hour talk time. This is a great gift that will leave a lasting impression on anyone during the show.

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Bio Button

Tin, plastic, and paper have been essential to the creation of buttons since 1896. The bio-button aims to change that with a 100% biodegradable design. Not only is this button tough, but it’s also half as heavy. The fastening system can do without metal, so clothing is treated with care. The bio-button comes at a time when more and more companies are imposing a strict rule of ecological sustainability. Let your customers know that you care about the environment!

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Denik Journals

Denik has partnered with various organizations over the years to help build and improve schools in secondary and third world countries. Every notebook you buy or customize funds education projects worldwide. By pursuing creativity, you make a huge impact. Their notebooks range from lay flat to spiral and come in an assortment of beautiful designs that may be customized.

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If you have questions or would like to place an order, please reach out to Mike Novitski at




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