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9 Common Corporate Gifting Mistakes to Avoid

Corporate Employee Gifts – Social Imprints

Given the current landscape of the business world, corporate gifting is a must. If you’re not sure why it’s one of the best investments an organization can make, check out 10 Reasons Why Employees Need Gifts.

Thriving companies do things like strengthen bonds with gifts for corporate clients and demonstrate gratitude with sustainable gifts. Knowing that gifting is necessary is the easy part. Finding the perfect gift for every occasion on the other hand, that is challenging. Our experts at Social Imprints can guide you through the process of choosing the best gifts for your purposes and needs. But in the meantime, you can learn about some corporate gifting mistakes to avoid.

Avoid these common pitfalls when selecting corporate gifts

1. Cheap Gifts Cheapen Your Brand

You want the best bang for your buck. But getting something that is novel for 5 minutes and then thrown away, is a waste of money. Give corporate employee gifts that will make a great impression, impress your giftee, and last. The gifts that you choose represent your company. Don’t give the impression that your gesture is a throw away, and cheapen your brand.

2. Not Environmentally Friendly is Not a Good Look

Corporate gifts can symbolize your brand core values, so missing the boat on sustainable purchasing is a big mistake. Cutting corners by going with the less eco option can give clients and employees a negative impression, and even flat out offend people. This is not an area where you want to take risks. Always presenting sustainable gifts is intelligent. If you need more reasons why this is a no brainer, check out Swag with a Purpose: Embracing Sustainabilty in Corporate Gifts.

3. Ignoring Culture is Ignorant

One of the easiest ways to offend people is by giving them something that is culturally insensitive or inappropriate. Steer clear of gifting holiday items for people who don’t celebrate your religion, politically incorrect paraphernalia, or food items that are forbidden. That is a recipe for disaster. Know your giftee or clientele. It’s ok to ask or send a survey out collecting preferences. That is significantly better than getting negative reactions to corporate employee gifts. To play it safe, keep it non denominational. 

4. Keep it Professional

However, close we become with our clients or colleagues, it’s best practice to keep the interactions and gift professional. Don’t get anything that would be embarrassing or inappropriate to open in front of other colleagues. The purpose of the gift is to elevate integrity. Avoid corporate gifting mistakes like getting a little too comfortable and appearing unbecoming.

5. Tread lightly with the Edibles

People are extremely health conscious these days. Furthermore, food allergies are common and no joke. Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, keto, etc., there is a lot of opportunity for a miss-step. Getting everyone at your company a sugary, gluten and butter filled treat, will almost guarantee to leave someone feeling unseen and left out. If you really want to go the tasty route, be sure to know the dietary needs of your recipient. Or, offer several options that will be sure to keep everyone excited about taking a bite. 

6. Say no to Niche

Receiving a gift is super exciting, and the last thing you want is a let down. You want an investment that people will genuinely enjoy and get a lot of practical usage out of. We all have that fondue set that looks great, but doesn’t actually make fondue very well - it collects dust before going to the donation center. You’re not intending your investment of branded products to end up at the thrift shop, but it happens a lot. If you want to go for unique gifts, try offering a few choices so you know they will love it. We at Social Imprints can accomplish this with our redemption portals. Put your brand first by giving corporate employee gifts that are valued.

7. Too many options, Too much time

People love to pick the gift that is right for them, and it’s great to know the receiver actually wants it.  However, offering too many gifting options can make the process complicated and be less than ideal. Having a dozen options for corporate gifting can be anxiety provoking and expensive. The more gifting options, the more administrative and set up costs are incurred. Is it really worth it? Time is money. Be smart about carefully designing no more than 4 options. Your receiver will feel seen, and you won't break the bank making it happen.

8. Good Taste is a Good Look

Spending a little too much on a gag gift can leave your recipient fake laughing, and then frowning. People want to feel appreciated and be excited about their new thing! At Social Imprints, we specialize in making sure that your gifts are always well received and in good taste. Remember, your brand will be associated with gifts for corporate clients. Start by making sure you are selecting sustainable gifts. Then, Social Imprints can help you rest assured that you will make a great impression.

9. Present your Gift and Brand with Immaculate Packaging.

That gift's first impression matters. Is it impressive or a let down? Don’t let your gift arrive unwrapped or with a recipe or price tag suggesting haphazard effort. The unboxing experience is the most thrilling part. Don’t skimp on the packaging because it will devalue the corporate employee gifts, and your efforts overall. 

Be smart when it comes to corporate employee gifts. We Can Help.

We know that gifting can be stressful! Let us help you. Your brand and investment is too valuable to not accomplish its purpose. For more help with being sure to avoid corporate gifting mistakes, get in touch. 

Contact Social imprints at and one of our product specialists will help make your brand shine!



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