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Discover the Best Trade Show Swag and Conference Giveaways Ideas: 6 Key Pointers

Best Trade Show Swag – Social Imprints

Boost your brand's image by utilizing sustainable and high-quality promotional items for trade shows. It’s important to know about the best trade show swag, so your investment goes the farthest. We at Social Imprints have done the research to guide you into making the best decision for maximum impact. A lot is said in the quality or type of product that is provided for trade show marketing. Put your brand’s best foot forward by selecting practical, first-rate, and sustainable trade show merchandise. You want your clients to remember that networking moment for as long as possible, for maximum brand exposure. So a little creativity goes a long way in getting the best bang for your buck.  


At Social Imprints, we pride ourselves on learning the true needs of our clients. We will help you come up with custom novelty conference giveaway ideas based on the event itself. Share details about the attendees, theme, where the event is located, what time of year, etc. Together, we will discover the best trade show swag for you to have on hand at the event.  


 6 Key pointers for choosing conference giveaways: 

  1. Smaller is better: Have trade show swag that is easy to travel with and for a carry on bag. 

  2. Have options: Carry at least two tiers of gifts and something extra for high value prospect clients. 

  3. Be Quality: Have your brand associate with promotional items for trade shows that will last. 

  4. Be Sustainable: Affiliate your brand with sustainable trade show giveaways  

  5. Be something to remember: Be creative with unique trade show swag ideas 

  6. Need it: Social imprints can help you find the trade show merchandise that you need the most 


Best trade show swag ideas:


 1. Fanny pack or backpack for conference giveaways 

Sporty and health conscious living is in. Try this fun and trending compact fanny pack. This is practical for all types of travel, be it to a tropical paradise, or full day on the conference floor. Fannies are versatile and can be worn over the shoulder or around the waist. These are easy to pack in a carry on, and even help traveling or come in handy. These small pouches can become the perfect companion at a trade show and carry other items that are received there.  


Check out this Heathered Fanny Pack with insulated interior fabric. This practical and attractive fanny offers multiple decoration options so your brand can look just the way you want. Keep snacks warm or cold no matter the weather with this gray and vegan leather fanny. 

2.  Insulated water bottle as sustainable giveaway items   

Insulated water bottles are practical, attractive, and eco-friendly. Staying hydrated is a pinnacle of healthy living and everyone needs to have a water bottle on hand. Try the Maxim 40 oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Mug. This sturdy and high-quality mug is made of stainless steel and has a matte finish. It will keep beverages at the optimal temperature for up to 6 hours with double-wall insulation. You can enjoy your beverage and not worry about ruining your outfit with its clear screw-on plastic lid with a leak-resistant high-wall design. 


 3. Blue light glasses for conference giveaways ideas 

With all the screen time in our lives these days, we need to be mindful about protecting our eyes. There is research suggesting that blue light can negatively impact our bodies. Stop harm in its tracks with these Pantone matched Blue Light Glasses. This smart option has special blue light blocking lenses. It has great customization potential and will reduce strain and damage on your eyes from screens. Show off the intelligence of your brand all day long with these attractive unisex frames. 


 4. Micro Fiber Cleaning Kit as trade show swag  

A great paring with the blue light glasses is a 1 oz Glass/Lens Cleaner + 4" Sublimated Lens Cloth. This essential product is under-recognized and can be used on glasses, goggles, and other screens. It has full color decoration for great branding space on the cloth for your label. Bring clarity to your clients with these practical items with great utility. 


 5. Power Bank as swag for tech conferences 

Is your new prospect's phone about to die as they are trying to collect your info? No problem! This PowerShot 10. 2200mAh Powerbank will keep everyone fully charged all day long. This useful item has added props for creative packaging. This powerbank comes in what looks like a pop can! Get your new clients attention with this pleasant surprise!  


 6. Socks as trade show marketing 

The days of socks being a lame gift are over. Socks are in! Now you can sport fun and creative designs with this completely customizable and 100% fashionable option. Pop! Promos’ dress socks are cozy and made with cotton, nylon, and spandex. Your brand can pop too by choosing up to six colors and a knit-in jacquard design. You can jazz this look up even more with custom sock boxes and hang tags. This has the added potential of being an excellent donation item. There are always people in need of socks! 


 7. Desk top vacuum as swag for tech conferences 

Keep it clean with this novelty Crumbee desktop vacuum. This mini vac is fun, unique, surprisingly powerful, and can tackle any mess. Clear your mind and space by removing crumbs and other tabletop debris on your desktop, keyboard, drawers, and more!  


 8. Backpack/ tote for a sustainable trade show giveaway 

Go the extra mile and give your prospects something they will use for years. Experience a Slater Tote that will stand the test of time with its durable 600d polyester. This item has incredible utility, whether it's being used at the airport, grocery store, beach, or as a commuter bag. This memorable item will impress your prospects and demonstrate the high value of your brand. 


Whatever the event is, we are here to support your strategy for the best trade show swag. Your brand needs to be presented as the best it can be, and we will be sure that you make a great first impression.  


Contact Social imprints at and one of our product specialists will be in touch! 

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