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Encouraging Eco-Friendly Corporate Culture: 10 Sustainable Swag Ideas for 2024

Sustainable Swag Ideas – Social Imprints

Embodying environmentalism is the best look for your brand. First of all, it’s absolutely necessary in combatting global warming. Beyond that, supporting sustainability will boost corporate culture and unite your team to feel great about supporting your mission. If you need more convincing about why weaving environmental responsibility into your marketing campaign is a must, check out Integrating Eco-Friendly Promotional Products into Your Marketing Campaigns.

There are numerous benefits of sustainable swag. In 2024, it’s trending and great for your brand exposure, confidence, and even employee retention. So you know it’s necessary to engage with sustainability practices. The hard part is then knowing exactly what to do. Social Imprints is here to help you get there. This article will highlight just a few sustainable swag ideas for this year. It can be tricky to know who to partner with and why. There is a sea of false advertising and misleading promises to sort through. We will guide you so you can rest assured that you are making the best decision for your brand. Make sure that you are making the best investment with your budget with eco-friendly promotional products.

Check out these 10 sustainable swag ideas to make your brand shine with a green mission

Show your employees the softer side of your brand with fleece blankets that are made from 100% recycled post-consumer products. Life can be tough sometimes, so it’s important to relax and take load off. Help your team unwind and feel cozy with corporate swag

Recycling technology these days is absolutely amazing. These fleece blankets are made with plastic bottles metamorphosed into polyester fibers. You can trust that Slowtide® is honestly creating miracle blankets because they are certified through the Global Recycle Standard. That means that all processes are heavily monitored including supply chain, social requirements, traceability, environmentalism, and labeling. What’s more is that Slowtide® products meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100. That means that all components of the blanket have been tested for harmful substances, assuring that it is safe for human health. You can rest assured that this eco friendly swag will boost the well-being of your corporate culture.

sustainable swag: Blanket| Social Imprints

This RuMe® Recycled Crossbody Tote is classic for eco-friendly promotional products. This fully recycled and PVC Free Product is also versatile. It can pack into a little side pocket to be tossed in bigger bags and taken on the go. It can be worn as a tote, over the shoulder, or crossbody. This sleek looking sustainable bag will surely put a smile on your recipient's face!

sustainable swag: tote bag| Social Imprints

This BPA-free sustainable lunch bundle is a daily use item that will make an excellent impression upon opening the box. When taking food to work, a picnic, camping, or hike somewhere gorgeous, this is an excellent companion. Say goodbye to one time use throw away plastic items that break when you use them. This compact set comes with stainless steel utensils, so you can comfortably eat in style. The silicone carrying case is durable and will help keep items clean. The silicone bowl can substitute over 200 plastic takeout packaging each year. That adds up quickly! This LFGB-Certified silicone is dishwasher and microwave safe. You can be confident that your eco-friendly branding is truly sustainable and safe because it is California Proposition 65 and FDA Compliant.

sustainable swag: Lunch Bundle| Social Imprints

This sustainable take on the old school plastic bottle will help the planet. When making this purchase, you are partnering with 1% For The Planet. One percent of your purchase of EcoSmart® products will be donated to environmental nonprofits! That’s something to feel great about! This reusable bottle promotes environmental responsibility and is made with 100% recycled PET plastic. The lid is also made with 100% FSC®-Certified Bamboo. The not-for-profit organization, Forest Stewardship Council®, is a global organization that assures responsible forest management worldwide. With one percent of this eco-product purchase being donated to environmental nonprofits, your brand is helping the planet.

sustainable swag: Reusable Bottle| Social Imprints

Help keep your team organized with sustainable corporate swag. This good looking journal boasts a recycled paper cover on the outside, and 80 sheets of FSC® Mix lined paper inside.

This beautiful recycled notebook also features an expandable accordion-style pocket, ribbon page marker, and it also has an elastic closure. What’s more is that this eco friendly promotional product  is partnered with 1% For The Planet. That means that one percent of the cost of your gift goes to environmental protection nonprofits. You can be confident that this product is as great as it appears because it is FSC®-certified. The FSC® certification means that the product supports zero deforestation, fair-wages for workers, conservation, and community rights. 

sustainable swag: JournalBook| Social Imprints

This Recycled Stainless Steel Rollerball Pen is an excellent pairing with the recycled journal. This high quality sustainable swag has a recycled stainless steel barrel with shiny chrome accents. This product is also partnered with 1% For The Planet, giving one percent of the funds to environmental protection nonprofits. This is a modern take on a classic office staple item and qualifies as eco friendly swag.

sustainable swag: Ballpen| Social Imprints


This cute and practical item will make your colleagues do a double take. This is a re-envisioned take on a retro brown bag lunch sack. This eco-friendly swag is made with 50% recycled laminated kraft paper. The main opening is insulated with silver foam. It features a hook and loop fastener for the main opening of the lunch sack and also includes a front slash pocket and carrying handle.

sustainable swag: Bag Launcher| Social Imprints


This handy gadget is perfect for eco friendly branding. The Thomas the eco multi-cable is earth-friendly and made with recyclable materials that are sustainable for the environment. The adaptor set comes with micro, lightning, and type-c input/output adapters. All the cables are made with food-grade material that is 100% recyclable, and tear and water-resistant. It is even certified ASTM D5511 biodegradable tested! Even the packaging of this sustainable corporate swag comes in packaging made with SGS certified recyclable paper. 

Eco Multi-Cable | Social Imprints

This cute little mug can boast being made from 50% wheat straw. If you don’t know about wheat straw yet, it is a plant-based plastic, or bio-plastic. It has lots of benefits of old-school plastics, but is not made with petroleum. This mug is lightweight and durable and not made from fossil fuels. It is made with edible grain that is food safe certified, BPA free, and FDA approved. And don’t worry, it is still gluten free and safe for use by people following a gluten-free diet. There are lots of benefits of sustainable swag. This is just one example of an innovative material that utilizes wheat straw that would otherwise be tossed. You can feel great about purchasing this biodegradable product that supports zero waste in production by repurposing wheat straw.

Eco Straw Coffee Cup| Social Imprints

This beautiful and natural looking piece will be sure to look awesome on any tabletop surface. Turn a usual eye sore electronic into a gorgeous and natural piece for your corporate swag. This beautifully crafted, Walnut Qi wireless charger is a perfect backdrop for your brand. This product is sustainably made and has a high quality walnut wood finish. It includes a heavy aluminum casing with real wood grain details. Because of the all-natural material, the grain pattern and surface finish is always unique and a one of a kind piece! 

sustainable swag: walnut qi| Social Imprints

Need more sustainable swag ideas that are tailored to your needs?

These 10 sustainable swag ideas are just the tip of the iceberg for eco-friendly swag. It’s important that you represent your brand in the best way possible to show off your personality and what you stand for. Our experts at Social Imprints will help you tailor your orders to your needs. Support your corporate culture by demonstrating that you genuinely care about your employees with sustainable swag. 

For help with sustainable swag ideas, reach out to and one of our product specialists will be in touch!



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