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Social Imprints: Creating Your Next Sustainable Promotion

sustainable swag company – Social Imprints

In the environmentally conscious atmosphere of today’s world, where environmental concerns continue to grow, companies are facing increasing pressure from customers, investors and regulators to adopt more sustainable business practices. As the demand for promotional products expands, an easy way for a company to improve their profile is to ensure corporate gifts are sustainably produced. Choosing eco-friendly items from a swag company demonstrates social responsibility while also increasing brand loyalty. Leading the way in this new era of sustainability is Social Imprints, a swag company that provides sustainable promotional items for organizations who are on the cutting edge of eco friendly branded products.

The Rising Demand for Sustainable Swag

In a recent survey it was found that Gen Z has a strong commitment to sustainability with 82% expressing concern about the state of the planet and 72% saying they have already changed their behavior to reduce their impact on the environment. This demand indicates that consumers prefer brands that use their purchasing power to drive social and environmental change. Swag items for events such as eco backpacks, recycled notebooks and fair trade clothing have emerged as one of the biggest trends in the industry and are much more attractive to the ethical consumer generation. Fast fashion and planned obsolescence have been replaced by a focus on upcycled and recycled products along with items created from durable, sustainable, biodegradable and recycled materials. As the young generation become a company’s dominant customers, sustainability will predominantly shape their purchasing decisions making it essential for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to saving the environment. This creates a unique opportunity for brands to show their commitment by opting for sustainable corporate gifts made from eco-friendly materials.

The Market for Sustainable Products

The market for sustainability is exponentially expanding while also reshaping customer behaviors and corporate strategies. Companies that embrace sustainability can use these growing trends to enhance their brand image while also contributing to an environmentally conscious future. The global promotional products industry is now estimated at over $24 billion with the US accounting for 50% of the projected market share. Industry analysts forecast a strong growth rate in corporate sustainability and by 2027 the global market for green products is estimated to reach $9.5 billion, growing at 9% compound annual growth rate. Forward-looking companies now have the unique opportunity to capture consumer mindshare and strengthen their brand image through providing ethical swag.

Focusing On Using Eco-Friendly Materials

Trusted for providing sustainable promotional items, Social Imprints adheres to strict environmental criteria by offering extensive collections of eco friendly branded products made from recycled, natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and fair trade certified materials. These sustainable promotional products demonstrate to clients, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that your commitment to green business practices is steadfast and resolute.Social Imprints feature green promotional products such as:

• Recycled Tote Bage

• Recycled Water Bottles

• Sustainable T-Shirts

• Eco Friendly Journals & Notebooks 

• Reclaimed Wood / Bamboo Accessories

• Reusable Straw Sets

We also provide sustainable swag for Earth Day, recycling events and various campaigns revolving around environmental activities.

Ethical Sourcing and Production Processes

Additionally, Social Imprints partners with vendors who share the values of ethical sourcing and environmental best practices. We conduct regular audits of our suppliers to ensure that safe and fair working conditions are always met. Whenever possible we work with vendors that utilize renewable energy in their production processes and follow strict guidelines for minimizing waste and recycling wherever possible. These responsible production practices enable Social Imprints to stand proudly behind all of our swag items for events. Clients can trust that our supply chain will always promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Easy Ordering, Customization & Offset Services

When it comes to sustainable corporate gifts, Social Imprints makes it effortless for your organization to make the switch to items that are sustainable in nature. We offer many eco-friendly swag choices for any budget or product preference and also provide discount prices on large volume orders. Getting guidance from our team of experts on selecting green promotional items that can be specifically tailored for your brand and consumer type will ensure your products are always completed to satisfaction. We also offer options such as logo imprinting and packaging along with helping our loyal clients to offset their carbon footprint through verified carbon programs.


With expectations rising globally around sustainability, now is the time for companies to rethink how their sustainable corporate gifts are produced and distributed. Social Imprints offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to promote brand sustainability and you can rest assured that your green promotional products will be sourced ethically and made sustainably. By 2024, more than 75% of our supply chain will be made of environmentally conscious, socially responsible suppliers.

By choosing Social Imprints for your next promotion, as your sustainable swag company we can make a positive impact on the environment and society while effectively marketing your brand. Contact our green promotional experts today to discuss how we can support your next event, campaign or initiative.



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