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15 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees In 2023

Corporate Gift Ideas for employees – Social Imprints

We get asked a lot about the latest corporate gifting trends. Now more than ever, the Silicon Valley elite want the latest and greatest swag and tech gadgets to give as gifts to their employees Below we have selected 15 unique corporate gifts ideas for the year 2023 holiday season that you can that can be given to employees to show them that they are valued, appreciated, and cherished. Guaranteed that this handpicked collection of unique corporate gift ideas will remain in the memory of your staff and out of landfill for years to come.

1. The Rocketbook Executive Capsule II:

Rocketbook Executive Capsule II Smart Notebook lets employees write with a pen and paper and saves the notes in the cloud immediately. Its unique and practical reusable and environmentally friendly design make it an ideal corporate gift.

2. Nimble Apollo 15W Wireless Charging Stand:

Nimble Apollo Wireless Charging Stand is an elegant and flexible product for employers where they can charge their smartphones without wires. It has a rapid charging feature, which makes it among the best corporate gifts to give technology-savvy employees.

3. Linq Digital Business Card:

The Linq Digital Business Card allows for employees to highlight their work-related information in a cool and innovative fashion. This modernized tool replaces conventional business cards and allows staff to leave an unforgettable mark.

4. Frost Buddy To-Go Buddy:

Frost Buddy To-Go Buddy is a mobile bag that maintains your drinks cold for many hours. It is compact and well-constructed, thus ideal for outdoor activities or business trips.

5. Circular 20 oz. Bottle:

Circular 20 oz. Bottle is not just an ordinary water bottle. This eco-friendly bottle has been produced from recycled materials. It also aims at keeping the company’s employees hydrated throughout the whole day. It is stylish and leakproof; hence, it can be one of the best corporate gift ideas.


The TEAMOSA tea brewing system offers a unique and refreshing choice for tea lovers in your team. The sophisticated device incorporates ultrasound extraction techniques to serve its users’ tea as required without stress.

7. Sweeter Cards:

Sweeter Cards are greeting cards with an added delicious element. These delightful treats are a simple way to thank employees and put on a big smile on their faces.

8. CamelBak Can Cooler 12oz:

CamelBak Can Cooler 12oz is an essential accessory for employees who love their drinks chilled. It has an insulated design that enables drinks to remain cold for longer periods hence employees can enjoy drinks while in outdoor events or breaks.

9. Topo Designs Bike Frame Bag:

The Topo Designs Bike Frame Bag is an excellent bag option for bicycle lovers among the staff. It has enough space for small items such as keys, phones, and other things, which makes it a good gift for outdoor lovers who work in an office.

10. MiiR Pourigami:

MiiR’s Pourigami is a foldable coffee dripper that employees can use to enjoy freshly brewed coffee anywhere. It is a very cool-looking coffee maker that is not fancy but is something quality lovers would appreciate as a gift for their coffee-loving side.

11. Ettitude Sateen & Lavender Eye Pillow:

Ettitude Sateen & lavender eye pillow provides employees with a chance to relax and destress. This eye pillow contains lavender and is made of sustainably sourced material, which guarantees restful sleep.

12. Prepdeck:

It is the ultimate kitchen organization system known as Prepdeck. This kitchenette is an all-in-one meal prep center, ensuring everything employees require for making mouth-watering dishes is kept in a convenient space. This is particularly useful to employees who like cooking, giving them a stand-out choice that is highly practical and efficient.

13. Solo Stove Bonfire:

This is a portable and smoke-free fire pit known as Solo Stove Bonfire that helps create a comfortable environment for any gathering outdoors. Employees who love spending time outdoors in summer and like to relax by the fire would find it useful because of its ergonomic design that is easy to install.

14. Sprigbox Grow Kit:

Employees can easily grow their own mini indoor garden using the Sprigbox Grow Kit. Self-contained herb/flower growing kit for their workspace that will provide an air of tranquility.

15. Fluid Stance Slope +:

Just move the Fluid Stance Slope under your standing desk and you can stand on it. It is purposely slanted, shaky, and swivels up in various ways, so you can work out different parts of your body by changing positions effortlessly. This simple action prevents or at least counters the negative effects of being in a fixed position for extended periods, promoting better blood flow and eventually leading to improved general health conditions. It will be a great practical gift for those employees working on desks all day long.

Unique and carefully selected gifts when it comes to corporate gift ideas say a lot more than words do in expressing thanks to employees. Taking into account these 15 best corporate gift items for employees in 2023 will ensure that you leave an indelible mark on the team and create long-lasting ties. The gifts include smart notebooks, eco-friendly bottles and personalized corporate gifts for your employees and will suit everyone’s taste. However, remember that the best corporate gifts should not only be memorable but also useful because of how they show your consideration for your staff’s welfare as well as happiness.

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