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5 Ways Corporate Gifts can Enhance Employee Motivation

Corporate Gifts for Employee Motivation – Social Imprints

Corporate gifts for employees has become a mandatory occurrence in any high quality workplace. There are numerous substantial benefits to corporate gifts. Research has demonstrated that it may be even more rewarding to give than to receive. Showing employee appreciation and tapping into our inner need to be generous, is actually likely to be deeply embedded into our human nature. So you might be surprised by how much joy your C-suite level team gets out of corporate employee gifts.

This article will discuss research supporting the many benefits of corporate employee gifts.

1. Give corporate gifts for employees because they expect them and need evidence that they are valued

Everyone needs to be shown that they are cherished and valued in order to be happy. Of course this is especially relevant in the workplace. According to a glassdoor’s employee appreciation survey, 75% of employees hope to receive a gift from their company. 57% of employees interpreted a gift to be a sign of their employer's gratitude and appreciation. After receiving a meaningful gift from their employer, 78% of survey takers reported increased job satisfaction. There is no shortage of evidence like this demonstrating that gifts have a high ROI for any organization. 

Never underestimate the power of employee motivation gifts to demonstrate employee recognition.

However, it is important to be smart about the way that your brand gifts. In the same survey, 70% of employees received a gift that they didn’t want or end up using. Let Social Imprints assure that your brand will not make that fatal mistake. Use your resources wisely and be sure that you are accomplishing your goals with gifting. We are here to help boost employee motivation. 

2. Support employee safety, health, and well-being with corporate gift boxes

In occupational health, Total Worker Health® is all the rage. “The Total Worker Health (TWH) approach seeks to improve the well-being of the U.S. workforce by protecting their safety and enhancing their health and productivity.” Being a company that utilizes the strategies of TWH will benefit workers, employers, and the community. There is an entire body of literature supporting this and it is encouraged by the US government. Treating your work staff well will come back to your organization in spades. 

Your employees need resources in order to be taken care of and you can provide those in corporate gift boxes. Surprise your staff with ergonomic chairs, exercise balls, yoga mats, ergonomic keyboards, or any type of spa treat. Even plants can inspire relaxation.

Give this Mini Mason Grey plant a try! The pot is made from 100% GRS Certified post-consumer recycled plastic in a Carbon Neutral facility. Choose from a variety of Kalanchoe, Zebra Succulent, Jade Plant, Star Cactus, or Hoya Heart. This little beauty will show that you want your employee to feel stress free and zen as they work. 

Boost employee appreciation by giving a variety of well-being supportive items with corporate gift boxes.

3. Authentic leaders show employee recognition and boost work engagement

Research has found that there is a positive relationship between authentic leadership and work engagement, and between appreciation and work engagement. Leadership showing employee appreciation partially influenced the relationship between authentic leadership and work engagement. These findings mean that an authentic leader can boost employee work engagement through appreciation. These findings highlight the importance of organizations, and your brand, making sure that your employees feel appreciated at work.

One of the best ways to demonstrate that your brand values your talent is through employee motivation gifts. Not giving gifts to your team to show that you care is like trying to write the word “appreciation” without vowels. It doesn’t work.

4. Tap into the 5 languages of appreciation in the workplace with personalized gifts for employees

According to the book The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, employees must feel appreciated inorder to have a functional organization. Appreciation language #4 is Tangible Gifts. This practical piece of literature goes on to explain the tremendous power of gift giving and assesses how challenging it really can be. That’s why Social Imprints is here to help you take the guesswork out of it. We all know that gifts are a necessary and wise engagement. The tricky part is knowing exactly how to give corporate gifts for employees. Satisfying social and personal needs of all the varieties of your talent can be a headache. Let the experts step in and assure that you are making a wise investment. 

Another study concluded that introduction of a hypothetical award had statistically significant effects on the stated willingness of employees to contribute to a public good- - or in other words, do a great job at work. Research demonstrates that showing employee recognition with gifts could turn your employees into model citizens. Gifts can improve employee motivation.

5. Corporate gifts facilitate the law of reciprocity and boost employee motivation and performance

In most social situations, when one person is kind to you, you then feel inclined to return the favor and demonstrate respect back. That is the law of reciprocity in a nutshell. It taps into a basic human instinct to return positive behavior that was given. This has been tested in research for the workplace. Reciprocity is commonly used in an organizational setting to enhance employee performance and boost productivity. This has been tested specifically in terms of financial rewards and gifts. 

A research study found a significant difference in employees' self-reported level of motivation and job satisfaction after receiving a financial or non-financial gift. This means that employees experienced greater levels of motivation and job satisfaction after receiving a financial or non-financial gift. Furthermore, this research went on to demonstrate that employees were in fact more productive after receiving a gift.

In conclusion, there is a body of literature and no shortage of evidence validating that corporate gifts are effective to show appreciation. Gifts bolster the law of reciprocity, keeps employees happy, and intrinsically motivates them to do the best they can at their job. This benefits any organization exponentially. 

For help with selecting the best corporate gifts for employees that will foster a culture of appreciation, reach out to and one of our product specialists will be in touch!



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