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Benefits of Live Onsite Screen Printing for In-house Corporate Events

Live Printing Services for Corporate Events – Social Imprints

Corporate events play an important role for companies to connect with their audience, whether it is clients, partners, or staff. In these types of meetings, it is crucial to make an impression. A very popular trend that has become more prominent in the last years is live onsite screen printing. In this post, we focus on the positive effects this new approach provides; by maximizing attendee engagement and taking event marketing initiatives to a new level.

What is Live Onsite Screen Printing

Live screen printing at events is the installation of a printing station where custom designs are printed on a selection of different items such as t-shirts, tote bags, or hats live in front of the attendees. This process usually starts with attendees choosing their design from a range of options offered by the printing team. After the have selected design, it is transferred onto a screen that acts like a stencil. The screen is then inked through the stencil onto the item of choice, resulting in a customized garment or accessory. This is a very fast process allowing attendees to take their personalized items with them at the event.

Enhanced Attendee Engagement Through Live Printing

Live printing adds a sense of excitement and involvement into corporate events, turning the attendees into participants. Instead of just getting ready-made swag, attendees may see how their promotional merchandise is being created with their own eyes. The hands-on experience created by live screen printing provides a more personal relationship between the brand and its audience which will last long after the event is over.

An analysis by Eventbrite highlighted that 75% of millennials prefer to pay for experiences rather than spend it on possessions, which shows that experience engagement is of a great importance in today’s event landscape. Adding live printing to events fits this trend perfectly as it gives attendees a unique and unforgettable experience.

Event Marketing Amplified: The Power of Live Printing Products

Tradeshows, conferences and events are usually the best occasions for companies to present their brand and products. Nevertheless, being noticed among a multitude of stands and other competitors is quite challenging. Live onsite printing can serve as a powerful marketing tool to stand out in the crowd. 

Companies offer these live experiences receive a higher foot traffic to their tradeshow booth or stand as are more appealing to the potential customers by providing personalized items made on-the-spot. The allure of personalized items leaves attendees with a positive impression and turns it into an easy task for businesses to start up worthwhile conversations and establish lasting connections.

According to the recent Statista survey, 84 percent of the respondents were more likely to recall a brand after getting the promotional merchandise. Live printing increases this effect by bringing in an aspect of creativity and customization which makes it one of the best event swag options to offer.

Fostering Corporate Team Building Activities Through A Live Printing Event

Corporate gatherings are not only about interaction with the outside world, but also team building and unification within the organization. Onsite printing live is an imaginative way of bringing employees together and collaborate in a creative environment.

From developing custom graphics to operating the actual printer, the team can work together, which will make them stronger and strengthen their team spirit. This practical exercise goes beyond the ordinary team building activities, giving employees memorable experiences that foster camaraderie.

Research published by Harvard Business Review found that organizations with strong employee engagement are 21% more profitable. The integration of a live printing event into corporate team building activities helps to improve the morale and efficiency of the staff, ultimately leading to overall success.

The Rise of Custom Event Swag: Meeting Attendee Expectations

In today's saturated marketplace, generic event swag often falls short in leaving a lasting impression. Attendees have come to expect more personalized and unique offerings that reflect their individual tastes and preferences. Live onsite printing meets this demand head-on by providing custom event swag that's tailored to each attendee.

Rather than opting for generic giveaways, attendees can choose their preferred colors, designs, and even the apparel, ensuring that they receive a truly one-of-a-kind memento. This level of customization not only makes the recipient feel valued but also reinforces the brand's commitment and dedication to customer satisfaction and quality.

A survey conducted by Marketing Week found that 83% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company after receiving promotional products. Live event swag elevates this impact by offering personalized merchandise that resonates with attendees on a deeper level, making it a must-have feature for events.

Conclusion: Embracing the Power of Live Onsite Screen Printing

Live onsite screen printing has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of events, offering a myriad of benefits ranging from enhanced attendee engagement to amplified event marketing efforts. By providing a hands-on and interactive experience at a tradeshow booth or event, businesses can leave a lasting impression on their audience while simultaneously strengthening internal cohesion among employees.

As companies seek more innovative and powerful tools for companies to stand out in a competitive landscape, live printing products can serve as some of the best event swag. The options are unlimited from customized products to unforgettable team building activities. Following this trend, businesses can upgrade their events to an entirely new level, so that they leave a lasting impact on attendees and stakeholders alike.

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