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Show Up – It Matters

LGBTQIA+ rights | Social Imprints

As we plan celebrations to recognize Pride this June, we wanted to share why our team at Social Imprints believes that corporations must not only support, but celebrate their LGBTQIA+ employees. Below are our top reasons that workplaces must show up for LGBTQIA+ colleagues, employees, and broader community.

LGBTQIA+ rights are under attack nationally

From coast to coast, the LGBTQIA+ community is having their fundamental rights debated and attacked. The American Civil Liberties Union is tracking over 400 pieces of ant-LGBTQIA+ legislation in 2023 alone. This means that liberties such as access to healthcare, freedom of speech, education, and other civil rights are in peril for our co-workers, neighbors, friends, and community members. Companies must do their part to support and unify their people, encourage open dialogues, and break down barriers wherever possible.

Normalizing Pride helps to push back against hate

Hate detracts from our collective ability to feel safe and valued as community members. Building a culture of inclusion and diversity of different lifestyles, beliefs, and identity is essential to addressing violence in our communities. Corporate recognitions of Pride are one way to help break down barriers and demonstrate widespread acceptance. Acts of allyship, such as attending and participating at Pride Parades as a team signals solidarity, acceptance, and recognition for struggles made to build a more equitable world. If possible, consider going beyond attending the parade or a recognition event. Raising resources for a valued cause or nonprofit, as a team, can assist further positive change and possibly inspire others in your professional community to do the same.

Authentic support creates company loyalty

Fostering a culture where people feel comfortable sharing their full identity at work will help a company build loyalty amongst team members, developing a culture that people want to join and stay with for years to come. Companies that don’t attract and keep LGBTQIA+ team members are missing out on an entire community of creative, dedicated, and talented professionals. As companies look for ways to reduce turnover, increase workplace satisfaction, and improve their overall culture, they should look for ways to support their people as people, first and foremost. Employees want to be where they are truly valued and respected.

Companies and their employees have the power to show their values – whether it be through continued use of a favorite Pride tote or attending a meaningful community event decked out in team hoodies – to help facilitate progress both in their local area and in their industry. True support means showing up for your people year-round, creating systems that reduce bias, uplifting previously marginalized voices, and looking beyond the immediate workplace to see where meaningful change can be enacted more broadly



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