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Wear Your Values on Your Sleeve

Promotional Products Signal Support and Build Community

Giving purposeful corporate gifts to employees demonstrates that diversity, equity, and inclusion values are more than just words on a website. They are a testament to the values guiding the organization and a physical reminder and symbol of team unity and support.

Increasingly, companies are recognizing and valuing the unique perspectives and lived experiences brought to their organizations by team members. By celebrating social justice days, heritage holidays, and culturally significant anniversaries (such as Black History Month and Women’s History Month), companies empower their employees to bring their whole selves to work and freely express their identity.

Below is our advice for gifting meaningful corporate promotional products that will elevate any celebration:

Plan in advance – Given that social justice holidays are annual occurrences, we recommend creating a calendar of the celebrations your company intends to honor and ordering your swag at least 8-10 weeks in advance. This will provide a stress-free experience and will give you more time to iron out the details on how your company will celebrate. Don’t have time to make your own holiday calendar? Subscribe to our newsletter, which marks upcoming social justice holidays. We’ll also keep you posted on tech industry and Silicon Valley events you may want to prepare for!

Maximize your impact – In addition to showing your support with branded swag, consider how you can support the communities the awareness day/month intends to elevate with your purchase. For example, for Martin Luther King Day, you could purchase a T-shirt from a black-owned business. We have one of the most extensive product catalogues of businesses-owned and-operated by women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ community members. Our sales representatives are also well versed on mission-oriented vendors from under-resourced or underrepresented communities, so ask us if you need help selecting a business.

Practice partnership – To ensure your branded products are culturally relevant, consider asking an artist or designer who is a member of the community that you are acknowledging to lead the project. Their insights and experiences will help you to create a more meaningful gift for your employees that goes beyond the typical T-shirt or mug.

What’s coming up

As you plan for the new year, here are some holidays to keep in mind as you brainstorm how to show appreciation for your teams and build up your workplace community.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day – January 16

  • Lunar New Year – January 23

  • Black History Month – February

  • Women’s History Month – March

For more information about the full spectrum of products offered by Social Imprints, visit our catalogue or contact one of our representatives at

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